The Man Waiting to be Rescued

This is a story I once heard form a friend. I don’t know the source or the origin of this story but it sure has some lessons to learn from.

It has been said that a small town was hit by a devastating flood. The disaster was so severe it caused the town to drown in water and consequently many people died. Survivors climbed to the roof of their houses waiting for help since the only way to move around was by boat or whatever that could float.

Some locals who have small boats started helping people moving to dry areas. One of the survivors was known by everyone in the town to be a religious man. He was alone on top of his house praying and asking God for help. Of course, he didn’t forget to thank God for rescuing him from death. During his uninterrupted praying and supplication a small boat full of people came by. A man on the boat asked him to jump and come with them but he refused  and told them that the boat is too small to take them all and so he will wait for the proper help. Actually, he was waiting for the city’s big and safe boats. Unfortunately for this man he was living far from the town’s housing area and because of that he had to wait until the next day to see the second rescue boat. This boat was also owned by a local, it was full of people but a little bit bigger than the previous one. But again the man refused to go with them and told them that he will wait for the proper help.  In the third day, the man became physically weak but he was still strong spiritually and believed that help will eventually come and so he continued to pray day and night. The proper help from the city or the government the man was waiting for never came but instead a third small boat came. Again, he refused to join them, although there were only two persons inboard, assuring them that the city will send him help soon since it is already three days since the flood occurred.

Later, after couple more days and no more rescue boats the man died when he got very sick and ran out of food. The story says that the man was angry because of the way he was left to die alone without being rescued by God. When the man meet with God he was eager to ask him why he left him to die alone and didn’t send rescue although he spent all the time praying to him. Moreover, he continued to brag about his trust, believe and devotion to God. When he finished, God replied “I know how much you love me and for that I sent you help three times!”


5 thoughts on “The Man Waiting to be Rescued

  1. Very nice… and very true

    Some times we can’t see the bless’s in our life or the answers for our prayer because we r thinking in specific things as an answers
    Al7amdolellah for every thing

  2. يريد المساعدة ولكن بشروط!
    لا يمكنك ن تشترط على الله. أنت تدعو وتطلب والله يجيب بالطريقة التي يراها الأنسب لك، لا كما تريد أنت أن تراها أو كما تعتقد أنت بأنه الأنسب.
    قصة جميلة و واقعية، كم عدد الناس الذين نعرفهم ويفكرون بهذه الطريقة؟

    1. نعم القصه عجبتني كثير وشفت فيها عبر من عدة جوانب. وكلامك صحيح احيانا سؤالنا ما بكون لائق مع الله سبحانه وتعالى وكأنه فيه نوع من التشريط.ـ

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