Muslims’ Nightlife

During Ramadan and other festivities like Eid and Friday prayer Mosques no longer can accommodate the huge number of worshippers so people pray around the Mosques. This is a video shot in Alexandria during the 27th of Ramadan 1431 Hijri (September 2010). The video brought tears to my eye and made me feel very proud of my religion and what it stands for.

Islam was, is and will be the religion of justice and peace regardless of what some, so called, Muslims want it to be. Spreading Islam should be done by making others love you not fear you, that is the true message of Islam.



8 thoughts on “Muslims’ Nightlife

  1. Ma sha Allah, great clip some times you wish Ramadan can stay all year round, and totally agree with you Jarrad, Islam is a religion of justice and peace, I hope people can understand the message of Islam, and stop the prejudgment of all Muslims because of acts or actions of a very few of Muslims.

  2. I watched it last night and it brought me to tears

    I wish if they shoot the whole prayer …specially the Do3a2

    “Islam was, is and will be the religion of justice and peace” so true
    Thanks Jaraad for all the beautiful videos u r sharing with us 😀

    P.S : 7amdella 3ala salmet ur blog yesterday it was… pale 🙂

  3. Thank you all for your comment and glad you liked the video. I thought it was very well done and amazing. As Whisper mentioned I hoped also they could provide one with the Dua’a (supplication).

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