Where did monkeys come from?

I could care less for both Christine O’Donnell (Tea Party and Republican politician) and Bill Maher (comedian who is known of his mockery of religions) but they are both now in the news. Recently, Bill Maher showed a clip from a 1998 program were Christine O’Donnell was a guest in his show. In that show, she said “evolution is a myth.” Of course his reason behind showing this video is to tell American voters that she is stupid, as simple as that.


I don’t know everything about the science of evolution. But the video specifically talked about the origin of man which I am very sure of. Man is created by God in the best form.

الَّذِي خَلَقَ فَسَوَّىٰ

“Who hath created, and further, given order and proportion” [Quran translation by Yusuf  Ali: Al-A’la (87:2)].

The mockery, in the video, on O’Donnell is that she didn’t believe humans are an evolution of monkeys so she is stupid. Bill Maher even wonders how such person “could be in the senate” . In another word, he can’t imagine that someone who believes in God could be in the senate. Creation vs. Evolution is the biggest debatable subject in the American schools. Apparently, it is an issue that will never resolve anytime soon. I once read in the Time magazine (couple of years ago) that this issue is very sensitive people in the Academia never openly talk about it if they are siding with creation over evolution. Some professors in biology or related fields don’t even talk about it because they are afraid they might not get tenure. According to seculars you can’t be a scientist and believe in God.

14 thoughts on “Where did monkeys come from?

  1. Another really interesting topic! Interestingly, most scientists are religious. Darwin himself was profoundly religious and his discoveries didn’t change that. The Roman Catholic Church has accepted evolution, and teaches it in science classes, while teaching the religious perspective in religion classes. Islam encourages the development of knowledge and science, and making use of the benefits it provides. As far as I am aware, Islam takes a similar position of believing in the sacred texts, and the nature of evolution as well.

    It is only the fundamentalist, evangelical, far right Christians who debunk evolution, and think that “intelligent design” (a euphemism for creationism, or a slight refinement on it) should be taught in science classes, and creationism in religious classes with a literal interpretation of the Bible and timelines that defy carbon dating proving how old the earth really is.

    The idea of evolution is not that homo sapiens descended from monkeys as O’Donnell seems to contend, but rather that organisms evolve to adapt to their environment and have over the course of the history of the earth.

    Most scientists of whatever religion I have met are able to retain their faith and beliefs, as they make or use scientific discoveries. They attribute it to unraveling the complexities of the natural world that God created, using the intellectual and rational faculties He provided them with, and fulfilling His mandate that humans should have free will, and take care of themselves.

    The Muslim physicians and scientists I know are believing, including in the miracles Allah works, and His plans for them, as are the Christians, Jews, and those of the Darmhic religions. Some of them also believe in psychic powers (biological psychiatrist, and devout Christian), and in astrology (PhD molecular genetics and botany, Roman Catholic, with Soviet atheism and Russian Judaism as part of her heritage).

    People are complex. Unfortunately I don’t think that O’Donnell is a good candidate, and Maher can be funny and accurate but sometimes simplistic.

    Thanks for a stimulating topic and post!

    1. Two weeks ago I watched a movie about Charles Darwin called “Creation”. It is a “BBC biographical drama that captures the legendary scientist in a period of intense mourning — and expansive intellectual discovery — following the untimely death of his young daughter, Annie.” The movie showed his struggle he went through before publishing his book partly because his love of his devout Christian wife.
      I agree that evolution is not just about the origin of man and its a breakthrough in science but the video mocked people who don’t believe humans originated from monkeys (i.e., people who don’t believe in God) and that what got me upset.

      1. I watched it again. I think Maher was mocking her first for not believing in evolution, and then for what she did suggest: that if evolution were true monkeys should still be evolving into humans.

        It is her version of creationism that is problematic, more than believing in God–though Maher is, in my opinion, too insistent on his atheism (he doth protest too much). I disagree with mocking believers, or precluding them from Senate, for example, and I understand your point about extending his ridicule to these lengths.

        Maher (and others) give atheists a bad name, in the way that some Evangelicals give all a bad name–a point Jimmy Carter made, about how his religion has been hijacked by the far right, and the reason he, Bill Clinton and others have left the original Southern Baptist Congress to form their own group of evangelical Southern Baptist Churches.

  2. I find it discouraging to fear talking about my faith because I wouldn’t get tenure or discussing something like creation vs. evolution would cause an uproar. It seems counter-productive for the academic society to believe that.

    Religion has become a taboo subject. Something that is not discussed or brought up, except to bash it. I don’t like the way society is moving.

    1. The idea of secularism is that one’s religion is for him only and that religion should not affect the country’s education, business and politics sectors. It is like transforming a religion to a yoga practice you can only do at home or gym.

      1. I understand that but that isn’t reality. Why does the pledge of allegiance use the word God? or American money have god on it? Or they have prayers during session at my state house…I think secularism is only applied to certain cases and not others. Either it’s across the board or it’s not. The founding fathers were all self-professed Christians. The president plays on this fact as well. I think secularism is a failed idea and practice.

  3. (( you can’t be a scientist and believe in God ))! why is that?
    is it that horrible to have a faith?
    believing in creation is scientific; simply because it’s easily proven and Darwin’s theory has many problems and (the missing link) wich the theory based on is never proven. any scientist knows that!

  4. The contempt is very thick, isn’t it?

    I always find it interesting that they wouldn’t dare speak to a Muslim who believes God created the earth like they do a Christian.

    I am an evangelical Christian.I believe the Genesis account, and don’t have any problem with the mutations of the original species that happened since then. whether God created the world in 7 literal days (a day being as a 1,000 years in His sight) or seven yet-unknown epochs of time is irrelevant to my day-to-day faith walk. God is God. He can pretty well do whatever He deems best and I am fine with it. He created time, he is bound by nothing but His own perfection and holiness and mercy.

    Evolution is still called a theory, and it doesn’t not cover all known fact.

    My husband was a research scientist. He became a more strong follower of God (rather than a cultural Christian) through his bio-med work with cancer and AIDS. Science let him to a stronger faith in the Almighty.

    1. “I always find it interesting that they wouldn’t dare speak to a Muslim who believes God created the earth like they do a Christian. ” I agree. You know why? Because Muslims grown a thick skin. We make sure that non-Muslims know what offend us and that we don’t like it when someone make a mockery of our religion or prophet. Of course by words only without using violence. Remember one or two years ago when Larry David in ‘Curb’ Episode he urinated on Jesus painting? Such thing should have not passed that easily. Even Muslims should have done something unfortunately no one did. I remember that you wrote or commented about it. Christians need to grow a thick skin as well 🙂
      Regarding your husband I am glad that the more he knows about his research the stronger follower of God he become. It is a blessing from Almighty.

  5. “Of course by words only without using violence”

    Jaraad, Jarrad. I hope you don’t believe your own words. As with so many Muslims you think that saying something nice makes it true. Note that Muslims don’t “have a think skin” either, much to the contrary. They cannot accept any criticsm of their religion, their dear prophet and their actions unless it is qualified “as only a few” or “”those who distort Islam”. The reason that Muslims didn’t do anything about the Christ-piss thing is simply because Muslims don’t care about anybody except their dear prophet. That line about “Muslims respect all the prophets” is just sweet, meaningless talk. Too bad you can’t hear my tone when I write “dear”. You would not like it and I have read the hadith as well as a bunch of other Islamic works considered authoritative (Tabari, Hisham, Kathir, etc.)

    Now to the subject of this post. The evolution vs creation thing is very complex and neither side has a good explanation that covers all issues. I won’t talk now about the creationists but let me say that darwanism is very racist. Modern writers ignore the whole theory in “Descent of Man” and pick and choose from “Evolution of the Species”. If evolution is true than some people are more “evolved” than others. Try to discusss that publicly today. There is also the small matter that even the simplest life is complex beyond imagination and scientists cannot figure it out. WHen I was young, in the 50s, they were saying that all that was needed was a “primordial soup” and an electric jolt and – presto – something would crawl out. Look at biology. Are evolutionists going to tell me that the internal organs just happened or evolved independently to connect in fully functional body systems? Look at Dna, is it a common origin or a common creator? If so, why did self-replicating life occur only once and never again on this most suitable of planets? Then again, consider the many factors that make life possible on earth – the tolerances are very narrow for hundreds of factors. Is this a coincidence or design? and so on.

    I really don’t know.

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