Farewell to Summer 2010

I can’t believe summer is over, it passed so fast.  Since a picture is worth 1000 words here are the things that I will miss seeing, enjoying or doing during this fall:



Opening the living room’s window and enjoying the view of green trees while working or reading Jordanian blogs.

image image

Enjoying my coffee with the sweet taste of Orange muffins or the sugary mango smoothie at It’s Grind’s patio. You got to love the sunshine.

image image
Sipping espresso, American, or Turkish coffee outside my apartment on early Saturday and Sunday morning while reading a book or watching Aljazeera on my iPod. image
image Morning dew image yes, morning dew
Colorful birds


and squirrels


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7 thoughts on “Farewell to Summer 2010

  1. Me too Can not believe the summer is over, very nice sitting area I love it , no wonder your writings are creative 🙂

  2. I can’t say farewell to summer! I am in denial! I will be until about November! 😦

    Great pictures! Plants, vistas, and sunshine, while working, relaxing outdoors–I really can’t say farewell to summer. 😦


  3. looks you have a nice apartment and a nice outside view too 🙂
    gess what ! summer in Jordan will last for the next 1.5 months, and farewell to Autumn! it’s either very hot or very cold here, and we actually missed the nice weather for the last couple of years!
    take care .

  4. T., I can even be more creative on the beach 🙂 I have to live near a coast soon.

    Chiara, I too wish summer stays longer but reality is harsh.

    الكيل بمكيالين Yes, I like my apartment thank you. Summer is nice when it is not too dusty of course.

  5. I’m a night person and hate early waking up , but If we have this morning dew view here in Jordan I will wakeup early every day with a BIG smile on my face 😀

    U don’t write that much about ur personal life but the pictures can tell us things about u….love the Turkish coffee picture,hope you enjoy these last days of the nice weather 🙂

    1. It seems your new transition in life is keeping you away from blogging. Insh’Allah for the best.
      I am used to waking up early. My day goes bad if for some reason I woke up late even during holidays. I like to enjoy every minute of the sunshine 🙂 But enjoying the sunshine needs a clean air which we have here.

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