I Feel Chilean Today

Today, is a Chile day. If Chile is playing a football game against any country in the world I will definitely root for them. Go Chile, Go!

“Imagine you are at the beach. Good luck brother.” That is the last thing the first brave rescuer heard before going down in a tiny capsule to start the rescue operation.

I am writing this post while watching CNN’s live broadcast of the rescue operation of the 33 miners  trapped under ground for more than two months. It is an extraordinary moment. I can sense the anxiety and hope that fill the air over there. Just imagine the joy of the miners and their families after they are rescued.

A small capsule (see photo below) is used to rescue miners one by one. The capsule will travel 2000 feet (600 m) from the surface to where the miners are. They estimated about one hour time needed to rescue one miner. All speculation till now but the rescue operation will take at least 24 hours.

image Rescue workers practice a dry run with one of the capsules that will be used to rescue the trapped miners.

The rescuers decided that the first miner to be rescued is a healthy one and not one with health problems. I think they did that to see the affect of the tiny capsule on the miners’ mentally and physically. But then who is going to be next and who is going to be last to be rescued? On what basis the selection is determined? I am sure no one wants to be one minute more down there.

For two months the families of the miners decided to camp near their beloved ones. A school even was opened there for the miners’ children.

I hope by tomorrow Chile is going to have a very joyful day.

Go Chile!

image Media trucks crowd the site near where rescuers attempt to save trapped miners more than 2,000 feet below the surface.

image Children play volleyball Sunday outside a makeshift school near Camp Hope near the mine site.

All photos are from CNN. See more here.


5 thoughts on “I Feel Chilean Today

  1. There are so many wonderful aspects to this rescue effort which has been so well planned and coordinated, using national and international expertise in engineering, medicine, mental health, and law. The miners have shown and been encouraged to develop a wonderful solidarity to help and save all, and even negotiated a contract, signed while in the mine, that not only all legal compensations but all income from telling/selling their story would be shared equally among all 33. This is extremely important as the media in such situations tend to focus on a few stories that are more charismatic, and that they also spin that way, eg the young man with the new baby, or one of the sicker ones, one of the more handsome, the foreigner (non-Chilean) etc.

    I am impressed by how Chile has handled this, and wish all the miners and their families the best.

    Thanks for addressing this!

  2. I am sure there will be book deals and movies. I will be interested to read what they talked, argued, and discussed about. The story of the white butterfly at 2000 feet underground. If for any thing we humans like stories of hope and happy ending. Yesterday, on CNN Larry King and another reporter said this event is second to walking on the moon, describing the rescue operation being broadcast live. I was very happy watching it on live TV.

  3. When I saw that on the news the other day I told my mom that inshallah all of them to be rescued, and that I would love to see the movie they will do about this incident ,to hear a 33 real emotional human stories about what they face there , and what they were thinking of the whole 2 months.

    May God be with them all…

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