Taliban and Schools

The Taliban are destroying one school after another in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The New York Times posted among many this heartbreaking video about the destroyed schools in Swat, Pakistan.

Like them or not, the Taliban are smart. They have a vision for what their future should be. They know the importance of schools more than many governments in the world. They know how a school can shape the future of a society and the next generation. Unlike many governments, they know that future is a synonymous word for schools. That is why they are persistent in their satanic mission to destroy schools. They know that educating young Pakistanis and Afghans means the end of their future and existence.

When asked during a TV interview in Europe what will happen to Al-Qaeda when Osama Bin Laden is killed, Robert Fisk answered “It is irrelevant.” And I think Americans knew this fact very, very late. Al-Qaeda and Taliban are not a one man show. Eliminating Al-Qaeda and Taliban is not enough to get rid of the twisted mentality of killing others. Rather, both Muslims and non-Muslims’ first enemy is illiteracy. To build a brighter, peaceful future for the next generation we need to build a better education system.

If we want our children to feel safe, we should ask our governments to build schools in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and not support them in sending more troops. When you kill a man you create a family of enemy. When you teach a child you build a future.

[click on picture to play video]


7 thoughts on “Taliban and Schools

  1. It is shocking to see what Taliban did to schools; the other shocking thing is the corrupted politicians of Pakistan $20 million was donated by the US and no schools were built. Thank god for the local people who understand the value of education and they work for it. I hope to see one day that the kids of countries like Afghanistan have a normal life and bright future..

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