The Secret of Dreamshire

Once upon a time, a girl sat sad in her bedroom. “What is the matter?” her worried mother asked after seeing her daughter’s teary eyes. “Why I can’t find my charming prince, Mama?” asked the early 21 year old beautiful girl. The mother sat at the edge of the bed beside her daughter and held her hands but kept quiet without uttering any word. After a moment of silence the girl looked at her mother and asked “Why are you quite Mama, is there something you are not telling me? Please Mama tell me, is there something wrong with me?” Her mother was silent because she was hiding a secret. A secret she didn’t want to tell her daughter about until she celebrates her 25th birthday. But when she found how sad her daughter was she decided to reveal the secret to her.

“I will tell you how to find your charming prince, my dear love” said the mother. “You need to kiss a frog!” she added hesitantly after a moment of silence. The daughter got annoyed and reproached her mother “why do you make fun of me, Mama? Don’t you see I am not in the mood?” The mother knew that her daughter will not believe her so she told her about the Frog Prince story. The mother overheard this story when she was working as a housekeeper for the Duchess of Dreamshire. One day while performing the daily chores, she eavesdropped on a conversation between the Duchess of Dreamshire and her daughter. The secret conversation she overheard was of course about the frog prince.

The story of kissing a frog to find the charming prince was kept secret for a long time among the nobilities of England such as the Duchesses, Countesses and Baronesses. No middle class girl would ever dream of marrying a prince. Until of course the housekeeper revealed the secret to her daughter who eventually told her girl friends. Since then some of the middle class girls who believed in the Frog Prince story and in miracles actually got married to princes. Here are few of those girls:


image image

Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby

Married to: Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway
Worked as:  worked for a year at a café.

Máxima Zorreguieta


Married to: Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange (Netherlands)

Worked as: Investment banker


Mary Donaldson


Married to: Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark
Worked in: Marketing


Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano


Married to: Felipe, Prince of Asturias

Worked as: Journalist



Kate Middleton

Engaged to: Prince William of Wales

Worked as: Assistant accessories buyer with clothing chain Jigsaw


With the above in mind, there is another significant secret that is still unknown among the middle class boys; how a boy can find his royal princess? Why we don’t hear in the news of a middle class man marrying a princess? Why such news is not worthy of our invaluable time as of when and where is Kate Middleton’s wedding? Who is invited and what would be in the menu? The question is why when a non-royal woman marries a prince it is big news but when a non-royal man marries a princess it is not news?


Disclaimer 1: This post is in no way trying to make a mockery of any human, it is published under ‘fun’ category. Please accept my apology if you felt offended by the analogy of the frog prince.

Disclaimer 2: All the pictures above are taken from google/image. Unfortunately, I couldn’t link a source to any of these pictures since there were shown in many different websites.


15 thoughts on “The Secret of Dreamshire

  1. I use Microsoft Windows Live Writer to write my posts. It seems it is not very compatible with WordPress that is why you see the pictures and captions in a complete miss. I may have to use another editor in future.

  2. Side note: when I can’t find the source of an image I post it as a link, when you click on it you get the source. I think linking to a site is always better than saving an image from it 🙂

  3. Haitham
    Actually, there is a popular phrase that says “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince.” 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it next time but the links I found for these pictures were not from the source and I didn’t know which was original.

    الكيل بمكيالين
    Why not? You never know.
    You are right. I think socially people think when a man marries someone richer than him it is because of her money only.

    1. Thank you, Kinzi. I now know who Rym Al Ali is. She was married in 2004 and she is an Algerian! I have to keep up with the local Jordanian news 🙂

  4. Very interesting post!

    I thought of Princess Royal Anne of Britain as having married a commoner, and then a second one, but had to look for others. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden married a commoner, her personal trainer. When she becomes Queen Regnant, he will be the King Consort. Princess Sayako of Japan married a commoner, but lost her royal title in the process. These weddings had extensive media coverage but don’t stick in the brain.

    I think part of the reason for the commoner prince is the general pattern of marriages, where women have more of a chance of moving up by marriage, and a greater necessity to do so as other venues of upward mobility are less accessible. Beautiful women, actresses, heiresses, or women whose families have some other form of power, political or financial, have a better chance of doing so.

    These commoner/ prince marriages also fit the “Cinderella Complex”, whereby marriage for women is a quest and a need for a protector: physical, financial, social. They attain that goal by being attractive, deferential, and vulnerable (or appear to be so). The complex as psychologically defined includes creating or staying in dysfunctional relationships rather than women becoming independent and responsible for themselves.

    Also, traditionally in a monarchy men ruled while women bore heirs to the throne, so a potential ruler’s marriage to a commoner is news, whereas a princess who marries a commoner may be scandalous but doesn’t imperil the state.

    I do think the hoopla over the British Royal family has to do with the extent of the former British Empire, and the current Commonwealth. I am myself a subject of Our Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and hopefully of the future King Regnant William and Queen Consort Katie ( :D)–also of the (currently, but temporarily I’m sure :D) out of power Italian royalty.

    This particular wedding announcement and date are a necessary diversion from the economy and the government’s austerity budget to go into force in Britain on January 1, 2011. That adds to media frenzy on both sides: the monarchy helps provide the government with the diversion and the media are encouraged to follow it, doing so happily because of sales revenue; and the populace welcomes the diversion. It is also guaranteed to drive up national and personal revenues from tourism and souvenir products.

    I would think it were a huge farce except for the distinctions with the wedding of Prince Charles and then Lady Diana (who had better and deeper English nobility roots than the House of Windsor, aka the German aristocracy). First, he had to marry an aristocrat; second, she had to be a virgin both medically and socially tough find in 1980-81, which is why Charles had to go so young; third, she had to be able to provide an heir and a spare–before their wedding Diana had a gynecological exam by the royal obstetrician who made a public announcement that her hymen was intact, and all systems go to make babies; and fourth, the wedding announcement made it obvious it was a marriage of royal expediency–Charles famous “whatever love is” comment, and by the time he married there were persistent rumours in the press that being single and so old he was probably gay. What a difference 30 years and a generation make in the nature of the monarchy itself and in social mores.

    As to the truly burning questions:
    Royal blue dress for the announcement–aesthetic but too reminiscent of Diana;
    Engagement ring Diana’s recycled–bad move; better to have saved it for William’s future daughter or DIL;
    Westminster Abbey–a much better choice; historically more appropriate; better aesthetics and architectural;
    warmth; not the repeat Diana’s arrival at St Paul’s;
    April 29th–good flower weather, well placed between other Royal obligations (between Easter and the Royal Ascot opening the horse racing season); well placed at the opening of the tourist season, and after the first quarter of economic austerity measures.

    There is only truly one more burning question: will the dress be as hideous compared to contemporary wedding dresses as was Diana’s? Truly the British term for such “confections” of “a meringue” was never more apt, also modernized worst features of Renaissance puffery comes to mind.

    Great post! 😀

    1. Wow! that was comprehensive. Thank you!
      I agree with you about diverting peoples’ attention from the government’s austerity. Nevertheless, we have to admit that most of us like to follow William & Kate’s news because we like to know how rich people live and what they do even if it is boring news 🙂

  5. الله يكثر ال”فرجز” لكان

    * على الهامش: ما في حواليك “فروغات” … لوول

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