Fox News Talks Green and Islam?

Fox News Channel went out of its way and reported something positive about Islam. I haven’t seen any positive, not even neutral, report about Islam on Fox News before. Not only Fox News is number one cable news in the US but they claim the top 10 programs in cable news. So, what ever they say is heard by the majority of Americans.

I am not sure what this new thing is about. I hope to be a trend though; treating Islam as a religion with normal followers not as insane Muslim radicals who want to destroy America.

There are many verses in the Quran and many Hadith from the Sunnah about sharing, not wasting, the treatment of animals and plants, etc. Unfortunately, many Muslims discovered the importance of saving the plant only when the west started talking about it. Of course, it is always good to learn how to save our planet but it would even be better if we learn our religion better and follow its creed.

One Hadith I found intriguing is the one below. It teaches us the importance working hard at any time and the importance of planting.

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said: “إن قامت الساعة وفي يد أحدكم فسيلة فليغرسها”

Translation: “If the end of the world approaches and one of you has a seedling (or plant) in his hand and if he can plant it before the end comes, let him do it.”

Hope to read and watch more positive news about Islam and Muslims on Fox News in the future.


11 thoughts on “Fox News Talks Green and Islam?

  1. Finally good news from FOX news..

    Also Islam encourage us to be moderate in using things and not to over consume things.., I believe Islam and other religions call and encourage their followers to protect the planet and the species that share it with us…

    1. Yes, the news for me was that Fox broadcast something positive about Islam 🙂

      I guess most if not all religions call for moderate consumption. But I guess going green became more popular now a days supported by some businesses for their own financial gain.

  2. Good news! I started reading Fox News more regularly to see what all the scandal is, and have discovered quite a few positive angles that are overlooked. It is just easier to condemn the whole network than read it.

    I’ve got some links of positive Fox reports on Islam in my drafts folder. I’ll have to dig them up.

    On this topic, I attended the WANA Forum last year (West Asia-North Africa) chaired by HRH Prince Hassan, and heard some great ‘Green’ minded Muslims. 🙂

    1. I hope there are more positive reports from Fox News after all they claim to be fair and balanced.
      I never heard of WANA, but I am glad there is such thing. Thanks for mentioning it.

  3. U know Jarad; I`m happy to hear that bwt Foxnews but still I skeptical! 😦

    Their motto “fair and balanced” is -to a lot of ppl including Americans- “scare and biased” <== it`s a joke goin` around them.

    Hoping 4 the best though :0


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