Will Eat for Happiness

If I have to choose between buying a piece of cloth or going to a new restaurant, I chose the later. In a year you will forget about your new shirt or pant but you will always remember the place where you ate something new. Wearing a new garment is not an experience as it is for sitting in a nice restaurant trying a new dish that you have never had before. This habit became part of my lifestyle because I chose a new experience that will create a happy memory over a nice compliment on my new shirt or suit that will make me smile momentarily only.


American: Fuddruckers

Hamburger is my favorite American food and they know their beef. At Fuddruckers you can order your burger 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 or 1 lb grilled rare, medium, medium-well, or well-done (the way 99% of Arabs eat their meet). I like mine medium to medium-well, a burger has to be juicy.

Although not a Mexican but Taco Bell is one of the most popular Mexican fast food restaurant chain in the US.

My favorite is Chicken Quesadilla.



I like cooking but I enjoy more cooking something with a different taste or from a different cuisine. For this reason I don’t repeat  cooking the same dish for a long, long time.  My three favorite cuisines are Middle Eastern, Italian and Indian. Three distinctive tastes but they have one thing in common; they take their time when they prepare and cook a dish. They are not your 30 minutes Rachel Ray’s meals. But I am always up to new food experience. Believe it or not but in my first year in Malaysia before I know the language I used to go to a nearby cheap Malay restaurant and order food from the menu  without knowing or asking for the dish’s ingredients. Of course there were good and bad moments but at least I learned different tastes. Beside the chewy octopus I would say it was a good experience. At least I know how octopus tastes now; rubbery.

Here are some of my recent home cooking experiments that I remembered to take picture to. Maybe I should start photo chronicle my cooking success:

French Egg Soufflé
image French Egg Soufflé
Italian Lasagna
I made it today
Moroccan Chicken
Indian Chicken Tikka

22 thoughts on “Will Eat for Happiness

    1. You are right it usually looks way better I am not sure it looked like this. I actually was very hesitant to post the lasagna picture but since it tasted good I decided to post it.

  1. U cooooooooooooooook! Ahaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂 lol
    But foodING out is nice too for sure 😀 , I miss that!
    80 – 85 % of the time I pass on restaurants now; b/c of the diabetes.
    But an adventure every once and a while is worth it. 😀


    1. Yes sir, I cook.
      It is difficult when you have to follow a special diet. I don’t eat out much but I like cooking different things.

    1. You are right but I also was implying that people should try new things not just by going to restaurants. I know male friends who will never eat anything their Moms didn’t cook.

  2. I think it’s a toss up for me….I enjoy restaurants and trying new things…It has been my thing in any place that i have lived…find new restaurants. Clothing is also good because when you put something on and it makes you feel good and you get compliments on it! it’s awesome!

    It’s good to know that there are men out there that cook 🙂

    1. Maybe this post was intended for men only 🙂
      I am glad I wear Jeans only. I like Jeans a lot.
      Expatriate life teaches one to be very independent.

  3. As usual me a way for a week Jaraad with 10000 new post 😀 lol just kidding

    Sa7tean 3al Lasagna for me it looks yummy , next time put some recipes please and start with the Cheese Soufflé step by step with pictures 🙂

    1. I don’t know why I do this, you are right I sometimes don’t post anything for weeks and sometimes post many in one week. You also haven’t posted something for quite sometime? Hope to read something soon.
      I don’t think I am good enough to post recipes but thank for the compliment anyway 🙂

  4. Great taste in cuisines, and great culinary skills.

    To me the lasagna looks normal and delicious, though the picture is a little dark. But then what do I know, my Italian-Canadian mother got her lasagna recipe from a Scot-Canadian.

    Bechamel sauce (northern Italian) or ricotta (central Italian) in the lasagna?

    I like it both ways–a different dish in a way.

    Sorry for all the comments on different posts in a row. I am catching up after poor internet access.

    1. Thank you!
      I used ricotta cheese although I like it more with bechamel sauce. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t master making my own bechamel sauce 🙂 I didn’t know about the northern and central lasagna. Good to know because I love Italian cuisines.
      Your comments are always pleasure to read. Thanks for your time, I always learn something new from your comments.

  5. Bravo.. I am impressed by the souffle, I don’t know why am afraid to even try it.. maybe I should, it looks good.
    Your Lasagna is perfect.. I use also Ricotta cheese and shredded mozzarella !

    I like to try recipes other than the middle eastern. Last week I made Tandoori chicken, it wasn’t bad at all … On Sunday I had Thai curry, I loved the result, coconut milk gave it a nice texture and taste..
    Hope to see some more of your cooking adventures 🙂

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