Why Tanning, Barbie and God Forbid Belgian Chocolate may Disappear in the Future?

sevenThe answer is because white people will account for less than 5 percent of the future population growth*. Fertility rate in Europe ranges between the lowest 1.2 in Slovakia to the highest 2 in Iceland [pdf]. Africa has the highest fertility rate that reaches up to 7 in Niger [Source].

The first picture below depicts developed countries (mainly North American, Europe and Australia)  in blue and the second picture shows the fertility rate in the world. Notice that USA’s fertility rate is higher than Europe for many reasons. One of these reasons is that number of non-white families is higher than in Europe. Russia’s population is falling from 148 million in the 1990s to 142 million [National Geographic].


fertility rate

Source: Wikipedia


Below is a graph that shows the difference of population growth between developed and less developed countries.

population growth

Source: Population Reference Bureau


Now, can you guess in what country the picture below is taken?


Source: National Geographic

Most probably you didn’t guess right but these Indians are at a Sikh festival in Barcelona.

You can read more about “how your world will change” and see some pictures in National Geographic latest issue (January 2011) or check this link.

Do you think if Europeans stayed at this low fixed propagation rate they may disappear in the future? Why do you think they have low birth rate although they are the richest in the world?


* “The less developed world will account for more than 95 percent of future population growth” National Geographic Magazine, January 2011.


8 thoughts on “Why Tanning, Barbie and God Forbid Belgian Chocolate may Disappear in the Future?

  1. Haitham, Change is in the way but we don’t know if it is for better or worse.

    Saleh, Thanks and welcome to my blog 🙂

  2. My question is, why are we worried about a dwindling population of Caucasians? Every individual is equally as precious in the site of God, including Asians, Indians, Africans, etc. Every baby born is a gift to the world.

    1. You are right all people are equal no doubt about that and that is why we don’t want to lose one race for good. Whether the Caucasians or the Africans that are dwindling we want to save them.

  3. The most interesting thing is that all the comments were written by non-white people. Thing like we are all the same in front of the God like you are giving yourself justification. I think its just not right, everybody should live in they own countries and not invade by others…Because we have our own religion, traditions and different point of view.

  4. “Why do you think they have low birth rate although they are the richest in the world?”

    Maybe they are rich because they have fewer children to support? Not sure….hmmm. I think some of it is changing attitudes towards children and the role of women. Women pursuing careers sometimes choose to have fewer children. And never underestimate the power of birth control options and being able to have a say in how often you reproduce vs. having to always stay pregnant.

    Interesting post. I was talking about this not long ago with my Syrian friend. I think too, say, when a white lady marries a non-white man (or vice versa), the children are more likely to look non-white. So is that the end of another white line? Or maybe those white traits will come out somewhere down the road? Not likely, but possibly. Well, I think there is just one race – the human race. And we are just have a variety of looks (colors, eye shapes, hair types and so forth).

    Enjoyed this!

    1. I agree with you that we are one race, that is, the human race. But a colorful human race would be more beautiful, no? We don’t want to lose any race or color 🙂
      I think moderation is the key in any system. Women should not be treated as spawning machines nor they should be forced to choose between their career and having children.
      Interesting questions you have here. May be one trait will disappear and appears later some where else. Who knows…

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