My half day photo album

In case you didn’t hear the news today 49 states are covered by snow. When I read the news I though Hawaii would be the exception but it turned out Florida is the lucky state although parts of the state saw snow earlier.

I feel bored sitting in one place for hours so during the day I usually switch places between my office, student center, coffee shops and one of the libraries. I am lucky I am not doing my PhD in Chemistry or Biology or else I would be stuck in the lab.


My apartment complex parking lot — A view from the library


Heating system forms a beautiful shape — Empty library. Undergrad students are on break


It was too cold to go to the mosque so I prayed in the campus’ chapel. Since it is a public university, they can’t dedicate a room or a place for a group of people based on religion. The chapel is supposed to service all religions. Although, it looks like a church it is not, no crosses or symbols of any religion.*


Going for lunch then changing place of study

* A Christian friend from India once told me an amazing story. She said in the past when some Indians converted to Christianity they didn’t like going to the church. The clergymen didn’t know why the church is not popular among the newly converted Christians. After investigating the matter they came up with a clever idea. They replaced the church’s seating with carpet and used more candles. It was redecorated to look similar to a temple, a place Indians were more familiar with. I liked the story; I think it was very smart move from the clergymen.

Most if not all universities, hospitals and airports in the US have chapels. They all are designed to look like a church from inside. The crescent, minaret, and the dome have nothing to do with Islam and none is a symbol of Islam. Yet in some mosques millions are wasted on building very tall minarets and humongous domes. Millions that could have been spent on more useful mosque related programs.


4 thoughts on “My half day photo album

  1. Mayyasi, Thanks. Wow, it seems you really hate the snow v v v much 🙂
    What I don’t like is the cold weather. I hate being in a closed place or not being able to go out because of it.

    Kinzi, Thanks. I read bout lack of rain in your post. In the eighties, Irbid used to see rain end of August. Wish we can bring couple of clouds from Queensland.
    Glad you liked the stories 🙂

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