Midwest Blizzard 2011

So sad what is happening in Egypt. It is a shame to see All Arab leaders chose to keep quite and do or even say nothing. I have nothing more to say, for now.

Just to put our minds at ease for a minute watch this video of the Midwest snow storm. My university cancelled all classes for three days in a row because of the snow, the first time in the university’s history. The video is a collection of clips from the Midwest and the pictures I took today morning.



[Click picture to play video on CNN page]



[Click picture to enlarge]

7 thoughts on “Midwest Blizzard 2011

  1. Masha’allah ….yalla enjoy ur off days

    My friend is in a vacation in USA, I don’t know which state, she suppose to return back on the 20th of Jan and since then all the flights were canceled because of the snow

    I think it’s not that cold now comparing to the cold after all this snow start melting…sa7!!

    1. I wish I can enjoy these off days. Graduate students have to work all the time 😦
      Thousands of flights were canceled because of the snow. Since she is leaving the US to Jordan most probably she is leaving from New york or Chicago and these two are hit very bad with the snow.
      Temperature here now is -3 F (-19 C). But even though I took a 45 minutes walk this morning. I loved it!

    1. You are welcome, Kinzi!
      You love blizzards? Wow 🙂 May be your next visit to the US should be in winter not summer. Much cheaper tickets by the way 🙂

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