Food, Culture and War

Question I

When I saw these pictures of the “kill team” who went on a shooting spree, killing at least four unarmed civilian Afghans, mutilating several of the corpses and chronicle their savage killing by taking scores of photos I was so enraged. I wanted to vent out loud. I wanted to analyze and condemn the American soldiers’ violence behavior. I wanted to call it an ethnic or a religious cleansing or whatever an angry person would say out of disbelieves. But then I watched some YouTube videos, that I wish I have not saw,  of people of the same race, religion, language, and same everything kill their own countrymen in a cold blood. What is happening in Libya and Syria is far more inhumane and cruel than what those American soldiers are doing to people of different race, religion, language and culture.

If group killing is not based on ethnic or religion cleansing then what is the purpose of this irrational killing of unarmed people?

Question II

During the British colonization in Africa, an English lieutenant accompanied with his soldiers entered a village of cannibals and asked to meet with the chief. When they meet the lieutenant commanded the chief to surrender but he noticed a rejection and some kind of hostility from the chief and the villagers. To look more convincing of his request, the lieutenant told the chief that his soldiers brutally killed all the people in the neighboring village. The chief reaction was something unexpected and out of this world. He said surprised “did you eat them all?”

The question now is who are more evil people who kill for land or those who kill for food?

Question III

This question comes from one of my favorite TV personality, Anthony Bourdain. His show, No Reservation, is not just about travel and food it is about culture. If you don’t watch this show then start watching it you will not regret it. Anyway, when he visited Laos he ate with a family and had this to say:

I think Americans, every American, should see the results of war.

You know, it’s not a movie…

Well, what do you say to this?

What do you talk about with a guy who lost his arm, his leg, his self-image, his livelihood, his pride to a bomb that your country dropped over 30 years ago?

“Sorry about the limbs”? “Pass the fish”?


I believe that evil has no race or religion but I came to conclusion that man is evil.




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