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When to let go your treasure hunt?

You may not like to be called a treasure hunter or a gold digger but for the sake of this post imagine you are a treasure hunter. After a long and a troublesome sail over the sea you found a big box of gold in one of the islands. But while in the middle of the sea, heading back home, the sea experienced some turbulence that caused some damage to your boat. To save the boat from sinking you have to throw your belonging off the boat to lighten its load. Unfortunately, your heaviest cargo is your big box of gold. What would you do in this case? You spent many years of your life investing in this painful mission to find the treasure. Would you just simply throw it all away? Or do you feel your life is worthless without that gold? And so you decide to keep it hoping and praying a miracle would save you, your boat and your gold.

Motivational psychologist, Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson, explains in her article “How to walk away when it’s not working” that there is a simple and effective way to be sure you are making the best decisions when things go awry:

focus on what you have to gain, rather than what you have to lose.

She describes this gold:

As time passes, it becomes clear that things aren’t working out as you planned. You realize that pursuing whatever it is that you’re pursuing, whether it’s being successful in your current career, mending a troubled relationship or renovating your house from top to bottom, will cost you too much financially or emotionally, or take too long. But instead of moving on to new opportunities, all too often you simply stay the course and sacrifice your own well-being in the process.

Unfortunately, when we financially and emotionally invest in an endless project or a bad relationship we tend to think of what we will lose when we quit not what we will gain.

When we see our goals in terms of what we can gain rather than what we might lose, we are more likely to see a doomed endeavor for what it is and try to make the most of a bad situation.

There are several powerful and largely unconscious psychological forces at work here. We may throw good money after bad ideas, or waste time in a dead-end relationship, because we haven’t come up with an alternative, or because we don’t want to admit to our friends and family, or to ourselves, that we were wrong. But the most likely culprit is our overwhelming aversion to sunk costs.

So, may be if you are a treasure hunter stuck in the middle of the sea, trying to determine whether to save your treasure or not, you should rethink the situation. Would you think of what you will lose (treasure) or what you will gain (your life)? Maybe not all similar real life scenarios end up to be about death and life but for some people thinking of letting go something so dear to them feel like a death penalty.

Read the article  “How to walk away when it’s not working

First lady with an accent?

The former Slovenian model, Melania Trump, is:

Beautiful. Checked.

[via Facebook]

Has an accent. Checked.

Click picture to play video on CNN

Going to be the first lady. Unchecked, indefinitely!

I have no doubt that all American comedians, regardless of their political agenda,  are praying day and night to see Donald Trump be a president. He will provide them with materials they never dreamed of before. Just the thought of it…

Do you think of the gun as a protection or a killing tool?

An American Facebook friend wrote something I liked on his wall:

Only in America: It’s not that I’m pro-gun control (I have no strong opinions either direction), but some are sure able to demonstrate a lack of responsibility in their gun ownership. What’s a people to do?

He wrote this status in reference to the story of a kindergartner who brought a loaded gun to a school, injuring himself and two others when it fired after falling from his pocket. I too don’t have a strong opinion of whether citizens should own guns or not. The issue is very debatable both ways. Here are some reasons why people buy guns:

Killing and Protecting

There will always be thieves and criminals out there. Some of those have guns  and they don’t hesitate to use them. Knowing this fact, some good people feel it is necessary to own a gun to be able to protect their family or their business when in danger. On the other hand, we know some people are crazy and lack common sense should those people own guns? The purpose of a gun is to eliminate humans. It is a killing machine, isn’t it?


Jordanian parents reading the story of the kindergartner, above, will be shocked. Judgment of bad American parenting will be the first to come in mind. Mind you, their children might be attending a wedding or Tawjihi celebration happening in the neighborhood at 11pm under the fire of kalashnikovs. For non-Jordanian readers, celebrations in Jordan is usually accompanied by shooting live bullets into the sky. It is not rare that some people are killed during these celebrations. Although, Jordanian law bans this unexplainable behavior people still do it.

Showing off

Some cultures like in Jordan and USA men like firearms. For those men, it is a away to show masculinity. And oh man, Midwesterners like guns a lot. In Missouri, a car dealership quadrupled his business after starting giving guns for free with every car sold [story].


How about this story to explain how guns can be used to terrorize others:

Fundamentalist Christian pastor Terry Jones who recently incited riots in Afghanistan following Koran-burning rumors is planning an armed rally at the largest mosque in the US.

Jones said his rally will continue as planned, and that he comes in peace – with guns. He claims the protest is not against Islam, but radical Muslims. He claims his fight is not about hate, but about standing up for America.

Do you think countries that ban its citizens from buying guns or have very strict pro-gun control are safer?

Would you still have the same belief if the government is corrupt and not trustworthy like oppressing its citizens?

In the United Kingdom, the majority of police officers do not carry firearms. I don’t know much about crime rates in UK but I just think it is a bad idea that policemen do not carry guns. Are there any other countries with the same policy? Do you think it is good or bad? Do you think UK is safer because of that?

What is your thought that you can own a gun for protection but in the same time your crazy neighbor, Abu Fulan, is also having one in his house?

History is beautiful

I like the kind of museums  that display  cultures. How people from certain region at certain era used to live is my favorite part. I like to see what they used to wear, what tool they used, etc. Yesterday, I went to the Museum of Art and Archaeology in our university. I am glad I went there. It was very inspiring. Here are some pictures:


[click on the picture to enlarge]


Beautiful face from Syria


The earrings and the necklace are so beautiful they can still be in fashion today

(article 41 is a hair pin)


So, it seems people since long, long time ago used beautiful cylinder shaped boxes to store toilet articles.


I think Arabic women are very familiar with this one (i.e., Kohl)


Once there was a land called Palestine

Why England responded different than the USA to the burning of the Quran?

In less than a month, two men burned Muslims’ holy book, the Quran. The first is Florida pastor Terry Jones who threat to burn a Quran and retreated after American officials talked him out of it. But he did it any way on March 20th, 2011. No one knew of what he did and even when the world knew, except for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Muslims didn’t care much. And I think the reason is because Arabs were busy with much bigger problems of toppling governments. The second man is a British National Party candidate for the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections. A video clip of Sion Owens shows him soaking the Qur’an in kerosene and setting fire to it.

Muslims have all the right to be angry of such act but they should not be violent about it. Besides, we always end up with more Muslims being killed because of this violent respond.

Florida pastor Terry Jones burned a copy of the Qur’an. [Guardian]

Sion Owens, a British National Party candidate, sets fire to the Quran in his garden. [Guardian]


Anyway Muslims response is not the subject here it is England’s respond. They dealt with the burning of the Quran different than the USA, they arrested Owens. This made me think why England did that?

  • Isn’t what Owns did fall under freedom of speech?
  • Does England respect culture and religion more than the USA? Or is England afraid of some local Muslims retaliation?
  • Was England’s response out of wisdom or out of fear?

Graffiti in the park: Love

This morning I went to a park nearby and took these pictures.


Angelic love


Religious love: Jesus saves


In love


Boredom or apathy


Coffee lover



Coffee: $2, WiFi at the park: free, listening to Mazaj and Monte Carlo radio in the Midwest: Priceless


Sun lover – Very shy spring


Note to self: buy a digital camera already instead of using 2-pixel phone camera