Graffiti in the park: Love

This morning I went to a park nearby and took these pictures.


Angelic love


Religious love: Jesus saves


In love


Boredom or apathy


Coffee lover



Coffee: $2, WiFi at the park: free, listening to Mazaj and Monte Carlo radio in the Midwest: Priceless


Sun lover – Very shy spring


Note to self: buy a digital camera already instead of using 2-pixel phone camera


10 thoughts on “Graffiti in the park: Love

  1. Love the comments specially (Coffee: $2, WiFi at the park: free, listening to Mazaj and Monte Carlo radio in the Midwest: Priceless)

  2. Love this taste of home! Even the graffiti was fun. I was imagining those trees with young leaves…maybe get the other camera out for that shot!

  3. Tele, thanks.

    Kinzi, I know that feeling. I also like it when someone posts pictures from Jordan. Yes, I need a good camera 🙂

  4. The first words came to my mind was ” karasee 7obena” 😀
    Seems u had a nice day 🙂

    I don’t know why when we see such a thing in a foreign country it sounded like ” how sweet ” but in our country it is disturbing ….maybe because here they have no limits and don’t know when and where to stop such an act!!

    1. hahaha…
      I am an outdoor person. As long as the weather is nice I have to be out 🙂
      You are right such things are not done excessively here and rarely there are any vulgarity or racism graffiti. But also it depends on which city in the US because they are not the same.

  5. Wow, it seems spring has come early…I haven’t seen that kind of green in my city!

    Different expressions of love…some people just have to share it with the world, while others stay silent.

    1. Spring can never come early. It is welcomed anytime 🙂
      I call this type of graffiti PDA 🙂

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