Do you think of the gun as a protection or a killing tool?

An American Facebook friend wrote something I liked on his wall:

Only in America: It’s not that I’m pro-gun control (I have no strong opinions either direction), but some are sure able to demonstrate a lack of responsibility in their gun ownership. What’s a people to do?

He wrote this status in reference to the story of a kindergartner who brought a loaded gun to a school, injuring himself and two others when it fired after falling from his pocket. I too don’t have a strong opinion of whether citizens should own guns or not. The issue is very debatable both ways. Here are some reasons why people buy guns:

Killing and Protecting

There will always be thieves and criminals out there. Some of those have guns  and they don’t hesitate to use them. Knowing this fact, some good people feel it is necessary to own a gun to be able to protect their family or their business when in danger. On the other hand, we know some people are crazy and lack common sense should those people own guns? The purpose of a gun is to eliminate humans. It is a killing machine, isn’t it?


Jordanian parents reading the story of the kindergartner, above, will be shocked. Judgment of bad American parenting will be the first to come in mind. Mind you, their children might be attending a wedding or Tawjihi celebration happening in the neighborhood at 11pm under the fire of kalashnikovs. For non-Jordanian readers, celebrations in Jordan is usually accompanied by shooting live bullets into the sky. It is not rare that some people are killed during these celebrations. Although, Jordanian law bans this unexplainable behavior people still do it.

Showing off

Some cultures like in Jordan and USA men like firearms. For those men, it is a away to show masculinity. And oh man, Midwesterners like guns a lot. In Missouri, a car dealership quadrupled his business after starting giving guns for free with every car sold [story].


How about this story to explain how guns can be used to terrorize others:

Fundamentalist Christian pastor Terry Jones who recently incited riots in Afghanistan following Koran-burning rumors is planning an armed rally at the largest mosque in the US.

Jones said his rally will continue as planned, and that he comes in peace – with guns. He claims the protest is not against Islam, but radical Muslims. He claims his fight is not about hate, but about standing up for America.

Do you think countries that ban its citizens from buying guns or have very strict pro-gun control are safer?

Would you still have the same belief if the government is corrupt and not trustworthy like oppressing its citizens?

In the United Kingdom, the majority of police officers do not carry firearms. I don’t know much about crime rates in UK but I just think it is a bad idea that policemen do not carry guns. Are there any other countries with the same policy? Do you think it is good or bad? Do you think UK is safer because of that?

What is your thought that you can own a gun for protection but in the same time your crazy neighbor, Abu Fulan, is also having one in his house?


6 thoughts on “Do you think of the gun as a protection or a killing tool?

  1. ممكن الموضوع برجع للهدف الاساسي عند الشخص من حيازة السلاح و الوعي بخطورة وبطريقة استخدامه و الاسباب

    السلاح آلة عنيفه و حتى بالدفاع عن النفس بتتحول لآلة قتل ,و ابدا مش وسيله لاظهار الفرح زي ما للاسف بعملو كثير ناس خصوصا عنا في البلدان العربيه

  2. I am very comfortably for gun control laws in Western countries. There are excellent statistics showing that tight gun control laws result in fewer gun accidents, killings, and homicides generally. This is true of Canada vs the US. It is also true that these statistics are the lowest within Canada, in the provinces which have had the tightest gun control laws for the longest times.

    As tasers are proving, the access to guns by law enforcement mean they tend to overuse them, with resulting injuries.

    The greatest risk to a family being burgled is to try to engage with the intruders. Where there are guns involved it usually results in casualties because gun owners aren’t as good with their guns as the criminals are, and both are operating on high adrenalin with few restraints (as there are on law enforcement officers about when to draw and when to fire).

    Gun laws on automatic and assault weapons should be a no brainer. Registration of hunting rifles and hand guns allows criminal guns to be better traced. It also allows for requiring safety training in gun handling before a permit is issued.

    Those with a history of serious mental instability or past criminal behaviour should be under particular scrutiny.

    The old saw “guns don’t kill people, people do” is foolish. People with guns kills people. People with only a baseball bat more rarely do.

    Suicide attempts with a gun are more likely to succeed whether the person really wanted them to or not (most are highly conflicted about an attempt).

    Gun control in unstable countries, or those under a repressive regime becomes more problematic even if one doesn’t advocate the use of violence for “regime change”. It is potentially too easy to abuse.

    Then there are international agreements that allow one side to be armed and the other not–Bosnian Muslims being killed like fish in a barrel, unarmed because of a UN resolution; or Quartet Embargoes on Occupied Territories, and Open Air Prisons.

    Does my Canuckitude show? LOL 😀

    1. PS The US have an abnormal relationship with guns as mythology and ideology, and as usual a dichotomous approach to the topic.
      PPS. Shooting live ammunition in the air is a recipe for accidents. I guess shooting blanks wouldn’t have the same panache.

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