My day with no geographical boarders

07:00 am – Woke up at Missouri, USA

08:00 am – Watched news on German’s DW TV

08:30 am – Chatted via emails with a Syrian friend in Canada

09:00 am – Went to a friend’s house to give him a ride to the airport. He is going back home, Uzbekistan, for good. I also had a chat with his Nepali roommate.

10:00 am – At the airport, I saw the Memorial Day Air show preparation

11:00 am – Called my parents in Jordan

11:30 am – Called my sister in Damascus

12:30 pm – Went to Five Guys for lunch. They serve America’s best Cheeseburger

01:15 pm – Called my uncle in Houston

01:50 pm – Received a call from a Tunisian friend

02:10 pm – Received a call from a Libyan friend inviting me to dinner. Oh, Mama Mia! I love Libyan food. I hope there is Libyan soup (Shorba Libiya – Libyan Lamb & Chickpea Soup) as well. This Libyan soup is the best soup ever.

02:30 pm – Drinking Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks while writing this post

I guess geography became so overrated nowadays.


11 thoughts on “My day with no geographical boarders

    1. Hahaha.. It is a busy life style here in the US. But sometimes it become a burden doing many things in one day 🙂

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