Cicadas Return To Missouri

I am not sure if we have these little insects in Jordan or if there is an Arabic name for Cicada. They are everywhere here in Missouri.

[click on image to have a closer look]

COLUMBIA – After 13 years of hibernating cicadas are expected to make their appearance in Missouri by mid-May.

Cicadas come up from the ground every 13 years and flock to the trees. They’re known for being noisy making their mating sound. When the eggs hatch the baby cicadas crawl back underground to hibernate for another 13 years.

The cicadas do not sting or bite and the season peaks in Mid-June. However, some residents claim they are already here.

One expert claims that in heavily wooded areas there may be more than a million cicadas per acre. [source]

Here is a video I shot yesterday. You can hear how noisy they are.

And one week before that we had this:

Yes, Jaraad is on YouTube now 🙂


21 thoughts on “Cicadas Return To Missouri

  1. فعلا جدا مزعج…الله يعنكم هالاربع شهور ….حسب ما قرأت اعتقد ان هالحشره هي نفسها اللي بسموها “الصرناخ” بالامارات, مش متأكده من وجودها بالاردن بس معروفه بالامارات, وحسب ما قرأت انها بتظهر اعلانا بوصول الصيف و انتهاء الخريف و بتضلها مستمره 4 شهور و بعدين بتختفي و بترجع تظهر السنه اللي وراها

    شكرا على المعلومات القيمه و انك خليتنا ندور احنا كمان 🙂

    Welcome to Youtube 🙂

    1. In Missouri they don’t come every year. According to the article they appeared after 13 years of hibernation. I am not sure how they can hibernate for 13 years though. Thanks for the Emarati name. I didn’t know they have them there. Thanks for the link.

  2. Eeeyyyuuu, those creepy bugs were an audio-menace while they were hatching and hibernating, I cannot imagine how loud they would be now. I think I blogged about when my sister-in-law had one fly into her ear.iiiccckkkkkkk!

    1. They are ugly, noisy and every where. The strange thing is that they don’t take rest to stop the noise. Flying into someone’s ear would really be awful.

  3. I did a whole lot of research on these little bugs(not so little) and I found out that they aren’t so bad. Of course, don’t pick one up and hold it in your hand for a while, looking at it and showing your friends… It will bite you… It just mistakes your body part for a sap tree.. Anyways… I’m still petrified of these things but I will get over it someday

  4. Does anyone know how long they stay around? My trees around my house are infested with them and have been for about a week.

    1. For some reason I couldn’t find how long this noise will last. But I see more of them dead on the ground now. So, may be they will stay another couple of weeks.

    1. No, I don’t think they leave skins. After mating they lay eggs that will come to life after 13 years and they just die on the ground. This is one weirdo insect 🙂

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