An inaudible conversation after a lunch break

The two office mates were both standing side by side waiting for the street to clear up from vehicles before crossing it. They just had their lunch and were heading back to office. Suddenly, she grabbed his left arm with her right hand.

This is what he felt and crossed his mind after that:

He felt electricity going through his entire body. He didn’t expect this touch but was so happy it happened. He had a big smile but managed not to show it. He kept quiet and calm. He wanted to play cool and that she grabbing his arm is not a big deal for him. He felt like he is in charge and that he should protect her while crossing the street. He felt she is scared and he is the man who will save her.

Then a series of concerns started crossing his mind. What does she think about my arm? I have not been to the gym for a long time. I think I still have those dumbbells under my bed. I should start tomorrow using them. I need to work on my biceps now. I know women like some muscles on a man. She grabbed my bicep because she wants to feel safe. I hope she doesn’t notice the lack of muscles in my bicep.

Every Monday the four office mates go and eat together at the restaurant cross from the company. But he was glad the other two colleagues didn’t join them for lunch today. The other two were stuck in a meeting and couldn’t go to lunch. He thought she will be embarrassed to grab his arm in front of them if they were with them.

He wasn’t sure if he should say something. He kept quiet and concentrated once again on the fact that she wanted him to lead her to crossing the street. He felt a real MAN.

He started planning for the next day lunch break. How can we go out alone? Maybe I will order food for two to be delivered to the office. But the others will suspect something is happening between us and maybe she will not like that. But isn’t what she did is a signal that I should do something? Okay, I will email her and ask her if we can go for lunch tomorrow, just the two of us. We will see how things will take off later. Life is beautiful he said to himself.

Before all that, this is what the female colleague was thinking before crossing the street and before she grabbed the man’s arm.

We should wait till the street is clear from vehicles. But why he is rushing to cross the street? I don’t want to run in front of people on my high heels. Oh my God! Did he just try to jump in front of that speedy car? What is he trying to prove? Is he stupid? That’s it I will grab his arm. This way he has to wait till I am ready to move. I don’t want to see someone die in front of me. I hope he doesn’t feel uncomfortable or notice I am treating him like a child. Are all men the same? He acts very foolish, just like my fiancé. 


20 thoughts on “An inaudible conversation after a lunch break

  1. ياحراااااااااااااااام…. انا من اولها حكيت في شي بالشارع و الشب عاش الدور…العقل الجدّي عندي اشتغل وما في مجال لقصص الرومانسية هاي 🙂
    بس حزنت عليه باخر القصه….مش انها مش معبرته لا وكمان خاطبه 😦

    يلااا عالقليله عاش اللحظه 🙂

    1. مش بس هو هالحرام. صدقيني في مثلو كثير :)ـ
      محسوبك بعدها مش زابطه معاه من قليل :)ـ

  2. حسبو = هيثم متأثر صباح اليوم بالمسرحيات المصرية و الشخصيات التي فيها


    1. lol @ MommaBeans comment 😀

      I don’t think it is about being Arab or not, but more about how much a guy is acquainted with the other sex. Seriously, I think that unless a guy spends a lot of time socializing with girls coming from his background, or a background he is familiar with, he will always be like our protagonist here if not even more 😉

    2. momto3beans,
      Yes, an Arab character was in my mind when I wrote this 🙂 Unfortunately, such mistaken innocent gesture is more common in Jordan than else where, I think.

      I think part of the problem, speaking of Jordan, is that confusion starts when Jordanians go to university. They spend 12 years in gender segregated schools and then suddenly at age 17 boys and girls sit together in the same room in universities. Yet, message misinterpretation between men and women is of course not limited to Jordanians it is a world-wide dilemma 🙂

  3. lmao!
    I was like… oh that’s him! Jaraad fell in love! but huh? he’s full (i mean there should be some muscles/fat :p.. she did not feel them?!)…
    Is he blind?! no!
    WTH! Screw high heels! lol

    1. Ayah,
      You made me feel very old. I had to Google “lmao” to know what does it mean 🙂 I have never been good with the internet slang. Glad you liked it and found it “lmao” material 🙂

  4. I have always loved these kind of stories – misunderstandings between men and women are a never ending story. Has been around since the beginning of time – “wow, she cocked my warthog just the way I like it, she must fancy me” – and will continue on for just as long I assume 🙂

  5. Glad you liked the story. It is a daily struggle between men and women 🙂
    I never heard this one “wow, she cocked my warthog just the way I like it, she must fancy me.” 🙂

  6. This was a fun and insightful post. I agree that the main issue is experience. However, the one man who did both smile broadly AND flex his bicep when I took his arm was both inexperienced and an Arab newly in the West. 😀

    1. I am writing a draft for a post dedicated to Arabs planing to study in the US. It seems the touching issue should be discussed as well 🙂

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