Tom MacMaster and the Arabic governments

I don’t know what Tom MacMaster’s real intention was when he started his hoax blog. He claimed the author of the blog is a lesbian Syrian-American and later faked her kidnap. He claims he did it for the sake of bringing the western attention to causes he believes strongly about. He may have succeeded in bringing couple of thousands of Western sympathizers but he harmed the noble cause of millions of Arabs in the Middle East, mainly, in Syria, Libya and Yemen. The governments of those countries have a sexual climax now. They had a proof of what they have been lying about since the beginning of these revolutions; the people on the streets are working with a foreign aid agenda, and those are not good citizens. Now, thanks to Tom MacMaster the Arabic governments can sit calmly and say “We told you so.” When people will learn that lying never helped a good cause. Are we ever going to learn that no lie outlived its maker?

Here is some excerpts of the story:

A new entry Sunday in a blog purportedly by Amina Arraf, a lesbian Syrian-American living in Damascus, asserted that the entire saga was a hoax, supposedly written by a 40 year old American man.

The post on ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’, which came days after an entry saying the blogger had been arrested, was signed by ‘Tom MacMaster’ in Istanbul, Turkey.

In it, the author says the narrative was fictional but insists it ‘created an important voice for issues I feel strongly about’.

Tom MacMaster, 40, is an American from Georgia who has been studying for a masters degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Mr MacMaster is a Middle East peace activist who says he wrote the fictionalized account of a gay woman in Syria to illuminate the situation for a Western audience.

The admission is likely to touch off a heated debate about the truthfulness of blogs, after the invented woman’s story touched a nerve with so many people around the world.

On Tuesday, a blog post at the ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’site supposedly written by the woman’s cousin said she had been detained in Damascus after weeks on the run.

The story unravelled quickly after a woman in Britain said the photos on the Facebook account of the blogger known as Amina Arraf were actually of her.

The Associated Press reported her disappearance, confirmed by an activist in Damascus, but reporters in Virginia then could find no trace of Arraf or her family.

The author of the blog post on Sunday titled it ‘Apology to readers’ but wrote ‘I do not believe that I have harmed anyone’.

In the post purportedly by ‘Arraf’s cousin, Rania Ismail, it said she was last seen Monday being bundled into a car by three men in civilian clothes as she was on her way to meet someone at the activist Local Coordination Committees.

Ismail said a friend accompanying her was nearby and saw what happened.


6 thoughts on “Tom MacMaster and the Arabic governments

  1. Something is seriously wrong with this guy. And the bigger problem is that he thinks he did something good, albeit a little silly. You did something terrible, Mr. MacMaster. Shame on you! People were actually worried for the safety of this girl, and spent their time in trying to find a way to help her. This hoax tells the world something about you. Shame on you!

  2. Christine,
    I agree. Some people were worried and made an effort to look for her. He said he didn’t harm anyone but actually according to the woman of the fake picture he used he did harm her.

    Whatever his reasons are it was a costly and stupid idea.

  3. I do think he tried to get his “15 minutes of fame”. He wasn’t doing this to help the cause. he did more harm to the cause!

    I think this is going to backfire, big time.

    1. People are debating of his motive but I agree with you this would backfire for sure. But I don’t care about him I care more about the Syrians and the Arab bloggers who are taking the risk blogging about Syria, Libya and Yemen. They write about what they see not what they hear.
      In my opinion, the motive behind the blog would be debatable, good or bad, but his fake kidnap story was nothing but a low cheap and selfish act.

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