Picture America: Smokers’ Station

One of the smokers' stations mounted around the university apartments after a ban on smoking inside the apartments.

5 thoughts on “Picture America: Smokers’ Station

  1. I really like the idea…. what is nice in UAE that it’s not permitted to smoke inside any public building so u have to go out in the heat to smoke…good for us “negative smokers” 🙂

  2. Haitham,
    Yes, it is. Smoking is even banned in restaurants. The air here is really very clean. Hope to see something similar in Jordan.

    I didn’t know that. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are really doing some positive things. How about you also show us Dubai through your camera. You were looking for a good camera. Did you buy one ? 🙂 I never visited UAE and I would like to visit it one day. I know some very good people there.

    1. Not yet, I didn’t get my salary yet 😦 …. as they said “no money no funny” 🙂
      A lot of nice positive ideas and rules I saw here and I want to buy a good camera to document it all

      Hopefully u r counting me as one of the good people u know here 😛

      1. Yalla garrab el rateb. Less than a week 🙂
        It will be nice to see some pictures from there.
        I knew some Emarati students who studied here. They were truly wonderful people. And of course Jordanian bloggers in UAE are included as well in my list of good people 🙂

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