The Obedient Wives Club

Why in the world an honorable Muslim wife would call herself a first-class prostitute? If this is not enough these women call themselves hookers and whores as well. I wonder according to these women what being sexually submissive entitles. On another note, I don’t want to know. Dear OWC, whatever the goal of your club is you just don’t call yourself a whore, do you understand?

The Obedient Wives Club (OWC), which has chapters in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and intends to open in London and Paris later this year, says it intends to curb various social problems, including prostitution and gambling, by showing Muslim wives how to “be submissive and keep their spouses happy in the bedroom”. This, in turn, would lead to more harmonious marriages and societies, it says.

The OWC, which launched in Jordan this year, opened a branch in Malaysia last month and in Indonesia last week. In Malaysia, it caused a furore when its international vice-president, Rohaya Mohamad, declared that, by becoming a “good whore … to your husband” and serving him “better than a first-class prostitute”, women could help “curb social ills like prostitution, domestic violence, human trafficking and abandoned babies” – all of which she attributed to unfulfilled sexual needs.

“We are talking about first-class elite types, not street hooker types … Ordinary prostitutes can only provide good sex, but not love and affection, which only a wife can provide,” she told the Malay Mail.

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10 thoughts on “The Obedient Wives Club

  1. Former model Jerry Hall (concubine of Mick Jagger for a number of years) once said that a woman needs to be a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom. I guess these women agree.

  2. Sad and sick… Sigh. Reality is that self-control will certainly go further than turning women in prostitutes in their own home… At some point, perhaps these men need to take responsibility for their own actions instead of acting like 2 year old boys.

    1. I agree, it is not just the woman’s job to keep her man for herself. Men need to self-control themselves and not give lame excuses for seeking intimacy outside the wedlock.

  3. I cannot believe what I am reading. What do these women think they are doing? Destroying years and years of hard work to create gender balance and fight discrimination by taking the blame for men’s indiscretions and putting it on their shoulders.

    Men should just keep their pants on and then both woman and man could work equally to make their marriage work. It is not a one-way operation! God I’m angry now!

    1. Sometimes, one fails to understand how some people think. The problem is this club is initiated by educated women, not men.

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