Picture America: Trails

Outdoor activities would not be complete without trails. Miles and miles of green sceneries. Today, I went for cycling in this trail which is only couple of minutes walk from where I live.


Here are two videos of today’s trip. I was cycling and shooting a video at the same time.


15 thoughts on “Picture America: Trails

    1. Yesterday, was my day 🙂
      Every summer I start my lose weight program by doing some outdoor activities which works fine until the winter comes. In winter, I hibernate till the next summer. Winter is just not for me.

  1. Sob7an Allah…very nice and really refreshing

    Last year when you posted some pictures showing us spring at your area I wrote a comment complaining about the dusty green we have in Jordan, this year and as I’m living literally in the desert …. I really miss that dusty green 😦

    I envy you and can’t hide it 😛

    I’m definitely downloading /stealing the 2nd and 3rd picture …. sooo I advice u to sign/ write ur name on the pictures next time 🙂

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I lived in Kuwait and when my family used to go to Jordan in the Summer we appreciated the green landscapes a lot. Not to forget the great weather compared to Kuwait extremely hot summer.

    I will not lie to you the green sceneries here are just magical.

    كل الصور على حسابك :)ـ

  3. This looks stunning!
    I have only ever been to the States a few times and only ever on Business – so in my mind when I think America I think “hotel rooms, busy cities and board meeting rooms” which is proven wrong just by looking at these pictures.

    We have our fair share of scenery like this in the UK, but I must admitt the grass does in fact always look greener on the other side.. !!

    Good job, keep it up 🙂


    1. Welcome …Tom!
      The grass does in fact look greener on the other side. I always thought of UK as a place of beautiful green landscapes.
      USA is diverse in everything, people, culture, landscape, etc. One place is a forest of buildings another is just miles and miles of peaceful and noiseless green trails. It is a very beautiful country if you got the time to explore beyond the city limit.

      1. Some of the UK is, don’t get me wrong!
        But I live in London, so to get much more than a public park you have to go a fair distance.

        I am due a business trip to the US in a few weeks, so I may take a few days Holiday and stay out there for a few days to explore 🙂


  4. Some great pictures there!! makes me ask myself why i havent been to the states as yet…

    think i deserve a break with the bonus il b e picking up this month 😀


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