New Toyota Ads Define Living

When I call my parents and no one answers the phone or my brother answers and tell me they are out I feel happy. It brings joy to my heart when I hear they are out. Being out tells me they are healthy and enjoying their life. When I saw these Toyota commercials on American TV I thought the idea is one of the most creative ads for a car targeting certain age group.

The younger generation is spending less time outdoor and more time indoor socializing via palm-size electronic devices and bragging about how many online friends they have. Thanks to Google we even categorize our cousins, friends and people we know, and don’t know, into circles. Limiting living happily with the number of our followers.

These Toyota Venza 2011 TV commercials are really smart and break the stereotype of how we define living.


6 thoughts on “New Toyota Ads Define Living

  1. I LOVE those commercials! especially that first one where the guy was worried about his mom because she supposedly went to bed without cooking him dinner LOOOOOOL.

    Unfortunately my parents are definitely not this type, on their own they would never think to experience new things…I pretty much force them to do things

  2. Princess, Ya that was funny.
    Good for you keep pushing your parents to go out. A walk in the trail or park would be great. Or maybe just going out to a restaurant or visiting a friend would be even enough.

    Umm Ommar, Yes, I like when a commercial comes with something new.

    Naysan, I think we all need to do that. We spend more time on computers these days than before.

    Wintersamar, Maybe because I am in my late 30s I liked the commercial even more 🙂

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