The Next Jordanian Role Model winners announced

And the winners are:

First place: Sami Hourani (read more in Arabic)

Second place: Yosra Albakkar

Third place: Hana Faouri

Congratulations to the winners!

I would also like to congratulate and commend Nadia  on her idea and effort to make such novel project not only possible but also a successful one. I hope this project continues in the future with the support of more organizations and businesses in Jordan. And thanks of course to the four judges of this competition.

Here is what this project is about:

We are looking for:

Inspiring young Jordanians with a global outlook and an open mindset who are creating change in their societies one way or another.

We are looking for young engaged Jordanians who are challenging their surroundings and working for change within the following areas:

environment and climate

social change

culture and art

politics and human rights

online activism


We want to put focus on young people who can function as positive role models for other young Jordanians – and engage more to become active in changing and developing their society in the future.


4 thoughts on “The Next Jordanian Role Model winners announced

  1. Thanks so much for the mentioning Jaraad – it’s very much appreciated!

    We have to spread the positive vibes when there are positive stories to tell 🙂

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