Vanity can destroy a man

In the movie The Devil’s Advocate, when the devil failed to bring a lawyer to his side of the world by seducing him with money and wealth he resorted to a different kind of seduction; fame and power. The lawyer eventually fell to the devil’s trap at which the devil said one of the most memorable quotes in the movie “Vanity, definitely my favorite sin.”

This quote can’t be more true looking at Arab rulers such as Bashar Al-Assad or Mu’mar Al-Qathafi. Both are the richest in their countries (in the Arab world the ruler IS THE RICHEST man in the country for obvious reasons). Neither Al-Assad nor Al-Qathafi is massacring his own people because of the money. They both have enough and can even secure more money that allows them to live a luxurious life anywhere in the world. But the idea of living, even as extremely wealthy, like a citizen is unbearable to them.

The consequences of vanity are proven throughout history that it can destroy a man. Recently, we have seen what vanity did to Bin Ali, Mubarak, Saleh, and before them Sadam. So, can Al-Assad and Al-Qathafi prove the opposite, that vanity can lead to living happily ever after? If only there is a way to tell them what happened to Hitler, Sadam, Bin Ali, Mubarak, and Saleh. Truly, watching news and reading history can save one’s life.


9 thoughts on “Vanity can destroy a man

  1. Vanity is a good word to describe this. All the current modern words describing despotic behaviour have lost their impact. Vanity seems harmless at first, but grows in negative connotation as it is unpacked and further defined.

    Hey, I thought about you today, wondering how you were and if the difficulty of Ramadan with a full load of work and extra social times in the evenings is keeping you from blogging. Lifted a prayer for you then. Respect!

    1. Thanks for your concern and prayer. Luckily, Ramadan this year came during intersession except for the last week. We will start school next Monday.
      I have been away from the blog-o-sphere for about a month because I was busy finding a new place, hunting for cardboard boxes, packing, cleaning my old apartment like new, moving, unpacking, organizing furniture,…
      It was a hectic month.

  2. I enjoyed your thoughts here. People are all about saving face, aren’t they? It doesn’t matter that you have to murder to do it. :-/

    Good to “see” you again! Hope you enjoy your new place!

    1. You are right it is strange how to some saving face is more important than the killing of people.
      Yes, I like my new place. Thanks 🙂

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