How old is your shirt?

Today, while waiting at the pharmacy I overheard the following conversation:

Pharmacist: Hey, Fred. That is a nice shirt (Hawaiian shirt).

Customer (Fred): Thank you. I have this shirt since 1979.

Pharmacist: hm…, it still looks new.

[Meanwhile, I and the other waiting customers eavesdropping while pretending to flip magazine pages.]

Fred: Yes, it is very smooth. I bought it when I went to Hawaii. My wife said wear it today, I fed up hanging it in the closet.

After hearing this conversation I have a confession to make now. I never told this to anyone before but I have two t-shirts that I bought in 1999 and still wear from time to time. I remember when I bought them because it was from a street vendor at one of the Malaysian beaches. The street vendor had fake brand t-shirts for only 2 US$. I bought many but only two survived.

Do you have an old garment (beside your graduation robe or wedding tux or dress) that you still wear? If so, is there is a reason you still attached to it? In my case, I guess it something to remind me of the beautiful times in Malaysia.

Do you tell people how old this article of clothing is?


9 thoughts on “How old is your shirt?

  1. This is interesting Malik,

    Actually I have a couple! A few shirts from uni times that still fit! (9 years!)

    and a belt + shorts that belongs to my late brother that I`m refusing to give away! And I still wear (5 years)

  2. Ha! Some of my friends laugh at me because I have dated t-shirts. Like a MilLooneyum shirt from when it turned the year 2000. Looney because it was Looney Tunes themed with Daffy, Bugs and the gang. Also I have a few others. But these same friends talk about shirts they have from college. Granted they use them around the house for sleeping in, but, yep, I can relate to the guy with the Hawaiian shirt! 🙂

    1. You have Looney Tunes themed t-shirts? 🙂 I used to love these cartoons.
      I guess we all have dated t-shirts but not all of us admit it 🙂

  3. Put me in the uni t-shirts category–2 from undergrad ie the first time around :P–1 a team shirt from synchronized swimming; the other a class t-shirt from Medieval English Lit.

    Both would fit, but I suspect they haven’t survived the most recent move. 😦
    Probably stolen by some mover coveting sentimental t-shirts. 😀 😛

    Haitham–very moving. Your brother would be/is proud, I’m sure.

  4. My one and only favorite jeans jacket is an old goodie from 2002. Had it for 9 years and have thought about replacing it several times – but till this day I haven’t found a new one worthy of replacing it. They are never just right – not the right color, the right fit, the right fabric or the right model. So I am sticking to my old one and I still wear it ever spring, summer and fall – and I am not ashamed to tell people if they ask 😉

    1. I love my jeans. I hate when one is worn out and I have to get rid of it. The older the jeans the better. I had one jeans jacket when I was in high school. It was my best 🙂 But I don’t have it any more 😦

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