Picture America: Squirrels

Squirrels are my favorite animals. These little cuties bring smile to my face and joy to my heart whenever I see one. I like watching them. Here in Missouri they are everywhere. I see them daily during the summer. Unfortunately, they disappear (hibernate) in winter.

Here comes another stupid with a camera. Those humans!
How about this pose?
I don’t have time for you. Where are the nuts?
Hahaha…Got nut!
Feels Like I am on top of the world. Nuts grow on trees. What more do I need from life. Life is beautiful!
Why those humans always indoor? Don’t they want to enjoy whatever left of summer?


13 thoughts on “Picture America: Squirrels

  1. Haha…I like your pics and captions! 😀 I think squirrels are fun to watch. I like that i can often see them from my windows or while I’m reading on the porch. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. “Rat with a tail” is how my garden centre guy describes them. I find them less cute after they ate ALL my bulbs when the blood fertilizer I used to keep them away washed off in a 4 am rain. By the time I surveyed the scene at 6am they had totally pigged out and only the dug up planters remained.

    They also followed my Moroccan SIL home from the market when she was carrying a bag of walnuts. I’m not sure who was more scared of the other SIL or squirrel.

    They are cute from afar when no garden bulbs or tree nuts are involved! 😀

    Good topic for a photo post!

    1. I never imagined they have the gut to follow anyone. I guess that would have been be a funny scene 🙂
      You are right about them when a garden is involved. I know many people who hate them because of that.

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