Living in America: Goodwill

Goodwill can be considered the department store for the poor and I think because of the current bad economy it is also for the middle-class families as well. All items sold are used or secondhand. It is the equivalent to Baleh in Jordan. I don’t go there very often. But I heard from a friend who goes there almost everyday hunting for good deals that you can find cheap electronics or gadgets for very cheap prices. Today, I went there just for looking but I bought few items with a bargain price.

Goodwill parking lot
Neat and organized aisles
Big changing rooms
Glassware. Some are made in England and Italy and the rest you know where they came from
Used DVDs, VHS cassettes, and books
All sort of clothes
Making it easier to donate clothes
My hunt: Two Delco cups for 50 cents each (Sold for more than $30 a cup elsewhere), two bamboo baskets and one glass vase (excluding the flower bouquet) for $3 each.
They have their own plastic bags with their logo printed on
Since goods sold are secondhand no tax is added to the purchase

18 thoughts on “Living in America: Goodwill

  1. Oh, what a nice post. My sister used to find a lot of my nephew’s clothes there when he was a baby and toddler. Since children grow out of clothes so fast, she would find some quality things for him in good condition. It was fun seeing what you purchased too! 🙂

  2. One more thing I like about Goodwill.

    What is Goodwill?
    Goodwill is a registered charity whose mission is to provide work opportunities and skills development to people facing barriers to employment. For 75 years, Goodwill has worked to create jobs who are too often excluded from economic and social activity. Our philosophy has always been that most individuals can work given the right amount and type of support.

    I’ll hush now 😀

  3. Thanks for the comments and the feedback. I didn’t know Goodwill separates clothes by color. It is very convenient for shoppers who know what color they are looking for. I appreciate your Goodwill brief background. I like their business philosophy. I read a little bit about it in Wikipedia.

    By the way, in my hometown (Irbid, Jordan) we have many used clothes stores. Most of the goods come from Germany. Almost everyone I know there shops in these shops called ‘baleh.’ People used to shop there not because goods were cheaper but also because they used to have more beautiful and better quality clothes and shoes than the new ones sold in stores. This is how things used to be ten years ago I am not sure if this is still the case or not. Unfortunately, these stores are not as clean and organized as Goodwill.

  4. I folow blogs that are all about shopping at the good well and garage sales. They seem to live a decent life and with what they find they make their houses look like a piece of art and they actually teach you how to hunt for good deals. Some also shop for clothes that give the stylish vintage look. These blogs leave me impressed every single time I check them.
    Great pots, keep them coming 🙂

  5. Jaraad, man after my own heart.

    Much of what is sold in the baleh is what was not sold At Goodwill, Salvation Army or St. Vincent De Paul. They sell it by bale to countries like Jordan. The ultimate in R3 living, Jordan’s a pinnacle of that recycling pyramid. I;d rather have gently used German leather shoes than Chinese plastic.

  6. I LOVE GOOD SALES!!! amazing deals I must say.. I think it’s a smart choice to go there! I had the same experience when I first went down town in Amman! bought some really good books for cheap prices!

  7. Nido-That is very true. Those who go to garage sales and thrift stores very often find goods that are very valuable for cheap prices. A friend of mine bought a 15 inch flat screen for his computer for ONE dollar. I am not kidding. Another friend goes to Goodwill everyday he buys electronics for unbelievable prices. I am sure the same would be in case of buying clothes.

    Kinzi-hahaha…I thought you may like this post 🙂 I read what you wrote before about used American goods being sold in Jordan. I don’t think we had anything used coming from the US 10 years ago it was all from Germany. I remember when one wants to buy a good Italian shoe in Irbid we go to baleh. Yesterday at Goodwill I was happy to see something made in England, just for change 🙂

    Aseel-I actually only buy used books. Here in the US this is one of the best services. In general, a new book costs about $15 to $25, used costs less than $10.

    Haitham-Thank you! Yes, this is like shopping at baleh but with a style 🙂

  8. Jaraad, I would only disagree with your post in one respect. Goodwill is the department store for nearly all classes. For years upper middle class (and even upper class) high school and college students have haunted Goodwill looking for “vintage” fashions. You can definitely get good deals at their places. There are usually also local thrift stores that have a different type of feel to them (smaller and less organized, but with equally great stuff). Me, I love me some thrift store shopping. I can’t tell you the excellent deals I’ve found. Great place to look for golf clubs, too, in case you live in one of those places with outrageously cheap courses and want to try out the sport ;). Seems lots of wives get their husband’s to donate their clubs when it becomes clear the early excitement has worn off, teehee.

    1. Tot tell you the truth I have never shopped for clothes in Goodwill. I buy all my clothes from Walmart (Jeans and t-shirts). One time I bought a nice sleeveless jacket from the mall for $35. I liked it a lot and was very happy that I bought it until I saw my friend wearing the same one and same color, brand new, from Goodwill for $3 only.
      I very often see golf clubs and golf bags there. So, you may be right that Goodwill is not only for the poor and middle class. Playing golf in this town is cheap but I have never tried it before. Maybe I should before I go back to Jordan.

  9. Ah, goodwill! It is a good place to shop and also donate to! I know people who go every day and have found some amazing deals but I think that is a bit much for my taste.

    Way to find some good deals!

  10. Jaraad, my pastors want to open a thrift store but we don’t know how to STAR sort te clothes by color as GW, can you help us!!

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