Did Google+ fail?

I was one of those very excited and enthusiastic people when Google+ started. I told everyone I know about it. I promote it within my Facebook friends. I wanted everyone to move to Google+. I very much liked the idea of “Circles.” But Google+ failed miserably to attract Facebook users. Furthermore, it failed to keep its users like myself excited about it for the following reasons:

  • A newbie or a business owner can add 4,000 Google+ users in his circles within couple of hours hoping to be added back.
  • Some attention seekers started irritating other users by continuously posting junks.
  • Unlike Facebook and because of the circles feature all posts are impersonal.
  • Instead of writing a concise post or comment some users write long paragraphs.
  • When humans like something they say “like” not “+1”.
  • Posting photos is much slower than in Facebook.
  • Beside the hang out feature, which I never used or going to use, noting significantly new is added.
  • If you can get the original (Facebook) why use an imitation copy (Google+).

There are much more bad things about Google+ but this is a quick list. To be fair, the blame is not only on Google+ it is also on those users who don’t know how to use social media by just posting links of articles they didn’t read, animated pictures circulated 1000 of times, stupid videos, and just pure junk.

It seems Google+ is another unsuccessful Google project.

I have to say sorry to Facebook because I doubted you.


9 thoughts on “Did Google+ fail?

  1. true… g+ is a bit unattractive to facebook users but it may attract the new generations who do not want to be watched or controlled by the image of the big brother- the older generation who grew up with facebook.. so it may work but if it will, it is going to take time..

    as for the +1, i think they were trying to impress the geek community LOL! no offense but a lot of them pretend to be dettached and lack normal social skills.

    Still miss the days when social networking wasnt as powerful as it is today

    1. As far as I know g+ is not attracting any generation, young or old. Even Google employees don’t use g+ or if they have an account they don’t write anything on it.
      I think the existence of +1 is only to be different than Facebook nothing else.
      But who knows maybe we need to give it some more time.

  2. +1 🙂

    Let’s face it, Google is not the face of social media! Apart from Blogger platform, they have nothing in that regard! They’re not able to make the connection between Geek and Cool like Facebook and Apple did!

    Frankly, I think if facebook started charging people money to use it, more than 80 to 90% of the users will go for it!

    The best chance for google to really get on the social media stream is to buy someone who is already successful. Since Facebook is pretty much out of their legue, they should have taken something like LinkedIn or even the older Plaxo and made it into the #1 social networking site for professionals. Twitter is another great choice but might be a bit pricy, even for google.

    Even the now dead MySpace had more hope than g+

    This all reminds me of Microsoft and Bing. They just want to compete and no matter how much they lose, they just don’t want to leave the space completely empty for google to take over.

    I don’t know what the “Facebook” killer is going to be, just like I doubt there will ever be an “iPhone killer”… Things are progressing so fast, it’s hard to predict anything these days. But the established fact is this… Social media/networking is here to stay. You either join the club … or keep trying and failing with buzz, wave and now G+

    PS: Good post

    1. Thank you, Qwaider! You cracked me up with the +1 thing 🙂
      I appreciate your technical review especially coming from someone with your expertise in the IT technology.
      I still remember the fuss Google and the tech people made about how buzz and wave are going to change the future of the internet. I think Google plus is going to follow them soon. Unless they make drastic changes which I still doubt it can compete with Facebook.

  3. Ah, the advantages of being slow to warm up to these new things when they are offered (imposed) with balloons and whatnot on my usual sites!

    Qwaider provided a wonderful overview of all the things I have gone pfft to, and just kept going with what I have and like.

    My only complaint about Facebook (I have two “friendless by choice” accounts) is the demand for a cellphone number, a new demand on gmail too. Some of us have good reasons not to have a cellphone number listed with anyone (including the fact we are currently cellphone-less; yes, life does go on very well!).

    It seems from the twitter world that Lion is a bust, or at least not roaring as predicted.

    It does seem to me like Facebook and Twitter have longevity–or at least “longevity” in social media terms. But then again, almost all the sites Qwaider listed completely went past me. 😀

    Great and useful post!

    1. I have a twitter account but I am not a fan. I still think Facebook is doing what is suppose to do better than any other social media network.

  4. I like Facebook the best. Most of my friends are on there and I don’t want to keep moving to knew places every year or two. I guess I am not for too much competition in this particular market! Don’t you be messin’ with my friends and making them leave me now! 😉

    I just don’t want to look for them in a variety of places, ya know?

    1. That is very true. I made a mistake moving to Google+ ans asking my friends to move with me. Of course, no one moved. I am glad they didn’t because Facebook is really much better.
      I think we need to value facebook as long as it is working 🙂

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