There is no demand for redhead babies?

I am not sure whether women find redhead men attractive or not but most men do find redhead women very attractive. The less number of redheads there are the prettier they look. Although redhead women are hot and sexy some people don’t like their child to be a redhead. Have you seen a redhead baby, they are the cutest babies ever.

The world’s largest sperm bank isn’t taking any more donations from men with red hair because demand for redheaded children is relatively low.
“We have nothing against red-haired donors,” Ole Schou, director of Denmark-based Cryos Intl., told “Our stock is about to explode. We have just too many on stock in relation to the demand for the time being.”
Customers that do request redheaded donors are mostly based in Denmark, Germany and Ireland, Schou told the Irish Times.
Given that many of Cryos’ clients are in Spain, Italy and Greece, the company needs more brown-eyed Scandinavians, Mediterraneans and men of other ethnicities as donors, he said. [via CNN]

Watch these two hilarious clips from the Catherine Tate show on BBC about Ginger refuge. Very funny stuff.


17 thoughts on “There is no demand for redhead babies?

  1. Wow, they want MORE brown-eyed people? I guess the people in Spain, Greece and Italy know a red-headed child would raise too many questions? Do they want to conform and have children that look like them? (I’m assuming they are mostly brown-eyed/haired.)

    I guess that makes sense especially if you want to blend in. Interesting story!

    1. This argument makes sense somehow but then what will stop parents from asking for custom-look babies? But then I learned not to judge someone unless I am in the same situation. I don’t know if I am going to do the same as those parents or not. Judging is much easier than being in someone’s shoe.

  2. Interestingly enough, my best friend has always told me that if she has a child with red hair she would pass him/her on to me. So, I can believe it! but I do agree with you, redhead babies are cute!

  3. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Being a red head myself I find it sad that people would decline on having a red headed baby. I think my hair is very nice 🙂

    Of course I am not in their situation and therefore I am unfitted for judging, but I am thinking, that if you are involuntarily childless, and your biggest dream is to have a baby – then you should be happy about any baby and not try to custom design you future kid.

    It just seems odd…

    1. I was hoping to read what would you say about this issue 🙂
      I so much wanted to steal your picture when you were a child, the one you posted on your blog, and post it here to make a point 🙂

  4. Not that I agree or that I’m condoning this prejudice but do you know the show Millionaire Matchmaker? Patty (the matchmaker) hates redheads and believes that men don’t find them sexually attractive in the same way they do blonds and brunettes. Her reasoning for it was pretty explicit so I’m not even going ot mention it but just to say it doesn’t really make sense.

    1. I don’t like reality shows at all but her show for some reason got my attention. I watched it for some time. But I didn’t see the redheads one.

    1. Ahlan Noura… I am always glad to see new commentators on my blog 🙂
      It seems you also blog. I am sure I will visit and read some of your recent posts.
      I am sure artificial red or reddish brown hair would look nice on women not men 🙂

      1. Thank you for your sweet welcome.. true, I get excited too when I see a new face visiting me.. I am not a serious blogger but the wonderful strangers I met through that humble corner keep me attached to it..
        Thank you again 🙂

  5. I do have to say that I am surprised to find that redheads are not in high demand! now a-day I see everyone being artificial redheads and wouldn’t ya think that they would like ones themselves???

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