Living in America: Postal Service

The United States built its nonequivalent economy (maybe till recently) by having the best customer services in the world. If I have to choose one service that I really love the most it has to be The United States Postal Service (USPS). Receiving the mail six days a week in my residence mailbox has to be the best customer service ever. Not to forget to mention that if a package doesn’t fit in the mailbox the mail man will deliver it to your doorstep with a big smile.

The Postal Service uses mini-trucks like in the picture below to deliver mails within the city limits. I like seeing these USPS trucks because receiving a snail mail will always have it is charm.

Due to the current economic crisis and to the advent of digital era of communication, the USPS is not in a better shape, financially, than many other private and public services in the US. This means if the government didn’t bail out the postal service it is possible that it will shut down. Their deficit will reach 9 billion dollar by the end of this year, 2011.

Unfortunately, some Americans don’t see shutting down one of the most efficient services in the country as something bad or maybe not as sad and shocked as I am. Probably because Americans take receiving their mail daily to their doorstep for granted, a service that looks like a futuristic dream for many countries.

Being someone who for almost 30 years of his life never got accustomed to receiving mail six days a week to his doorstep finds such service invaluable. In Jordan, one has to rent a mailbox in the post office to receive his mail.

Although, USPS is not a private business I once received a phone call from the post office at 9 pm to reply to a complain I filled out in their website about a late delivery. I sent a certified mail to someone and the delivery took longer than expected (3 days delay only). They called me to tell me it reached its destination and that they are sorry for this mistake.

You can never get such outstanding service for a very cheap cost. Emotionally speaking, bailing out the USPS should be a priority over bailing out big greedy corporates.

Click on picture to play video about the possibility of the post office shutting down

10 thoughts on “Living in America: Postal Service

  1. بدي أكتب بالعربي

    يا أخي إشي بقهر!

    مش شاطرين إلا نستورد الهوليووديات و الأغاني إحنا!

    مرة نستورد “فكرة” زي هيك ، مش محتاجين نستودردها
    هي في صميم واجبات الدولة أصلا ً ! شو الصعب بهالمسألة

  2. its wonderful service indeed, but what i hate about USPS their stupid tracking system! its useless! for example now i have a shipment from KY to NY which was sent 4 days ago, when i check the tracking number on their site it gives me error message, and its not the first time, the irony sometimes after my package arrive the tracking still delayed by 3-4 days!!

    but kalemt 7aq toqal ,its like a dream to have postal service like that here in Jordan!

  3. @Haitham – Yes such service should not be a dream but I also agree with w7l we can’t even line up to buy stamps. It is a long process starts from respecting others’ time those who line up waiting for their turn. Insh’Allah, one day we will have that but not sure when 🙂

    @w7l – I can write pages about the efficiency of the postal service in this country. It is that good. Regarding their shipment tracking I didn’t have this problem before but you can email the customer service and tell them about the error message. Here is the link to customer service:

  4. Where I grew up, we still had to go to the PO to pick up mail. I think the US postal system needs a reduction of days per week to reflect the digital age, rather than a shutdown

    thanks for extolling the good things of my homeland 🙂

    1. They are thinking of making delivery 5 days a week. I would be satisfied with one day a week as long as my mail comes to my home. But of course for businesses every day counts.
      There are of course too many good things here. I am trying to write about it one at a time 🙂

  5. I enjoy snail mail too! The USPS employees have been running an ad which points out why they are in the red the last few years. It has something to do with a law Congress enacted in 2006 which put a huge burden on them financially. The ad says it’s a problem Congress created and one Congress can fix. So who knows if they will.

    Thanks for sharing about this topic!

  6. Here in town postal workers rallied against “National Postal Reform Act.” But I think this is something that is going to affect all Americans not just postal workers. Can you imagine having to send your mail through FedEx only.

  7. It’s extremely sad if it shut down, I can’t imagine having to pay 7 dollars minimum to send a letter instead of 44 cents, and they deliver mail all over the country to some very rural villages, directly to your house.

    Unbelievable how very poor 3rd world countries will still have a cheap postal service but the US won’t.

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