A proof that happiness is contagious

If you are feeling blue here are two videos that will change your mood at once:

The first video is for 29 years old woman who heard herself for the first time. I watched it many times and I can’t stop watching it. Number of viewers of this video jumped from around 300,000 to close to 7 million in about a week only. After watching this video you can’t not be happy for her.

The second video is for 6 years old girl reacting to her Disneyland birthday surprise. I also found her reactions while pulling out the small gifts from the backpack were very hilarious. Watching the little kid screaming at her mother “how do you know I want this? How? How?” was very enjoyable to watch.

Life is a journey not a destination.

Live it!


8 thoughts on “A proof that happiness is contagious

  1. You are absolutely right – I was feeling really low just a few minutes ago, but now I have a big smile on my face because of that little girl 🙂 Thanks

  2. Naddoush, wintersamar, الكيل بمكيالين
    The little girl is very adorable. If only we can be like this little angel that happy and excited.

  3. How cool is that ! We take hearing and seeing for granted not knowing how blessed and fortunate we are until we see something like this… Good for her..

    That little girl made me cry though, she is so cute and her reaction is priceless… I react the same when mom cooks my favorite food loool


    1. hahaha… I love food as well. Some people consider eating a task for me it is an enjoyable moment. I take my time when I cook or prepare my food.

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