The Jewish question*

When I was in school history was my favorite subject. Nowadays, I still get the same excitement as when I was a kid when I learn something new about some culture or a new piece of history. Understanding both history and culture is the key to understanding who we were and what we will become. Learning history teaches us why some cultures do things different than other cultures. By knowing about a culture’s or a nation’s history we can connect the dots and learn more about it.

I can’t claim that I know all the reasons behind Europeans’ full and United States’ full and blind support to Israelis against Palestinians. There are of course not one but rather too many reasons, ranges from paying back for what the Aryans’ did to the Jews during the WWII to a religious believe that unlike Islam Judaism is a holy and a real religion.

I am not sure of the percentage of Americans who believe, with no doubt, that “Arabs hate Jews.” In my 10 years in the US it becomes normal to hear stand-up comedians, late night show hosts and of course Fox News anchors referring to Arabs as Jews hater.

After watching many documentaries and European movies about the World War II, thanks to Netflix, I came to conclusion that Europeans carry a huge burden on their shoulders. That is the burden of guilt. Although the German Nazis are the ones who came with “The final solution: the extermination of the Jews” evil plan other European countries helped execute this plan, may be out of fear or may be because they themselves hated the Jews. The later is very debatable and risky to discuss because nowadays you can freely denounce and hate God but you are not allowed to dislike the Jews. No sane human being want to be called an anti-Semite, especially if you want to live and work in the US or Europe. Read my post about the documentary Defamation and the anti-Semitism business.

Two days ago, I learned about a piece of history that was new to me. It is frantic that the more history speaks out the more we learn about our dark past. I wonder what more history hides. The movie I watched is Sarah’s Key (2010). Here are two interesting scenes from the movie:

[Place: Editors’ meeting in a French magazine discussing about a new article Julia wants to write about]

Julia: On the 16th and 17th of the July 1942, they arrested 13,000 Jews, mostly women and children. They took 8,000 of them and put them in Velodrome d’Hiver in inhuman conditions. And then they sent them to the camps…

Mike: Where is it [Velodrome d’Hiver]?

Julia: Torn down 50 years ago.

Mike: Any photos?

Editor-in-Chief: None, that’s the point. Over 10,000 people squeezed together for days, no beds, no toilets, barely any water. And not one image exists.

Julia: Well, there’s one, there’s a wide shot looking down over some buses outside. That’s it.

Mike: That’s just weird. Normally they were really good at that; they documented everything, the Nazis. That’s what they were known for.

Julia: Mike! This was not the Germans, it was the French.

[Same people watching a documentary on TV]

Chirac on TV: These dark days sully our nations’ history forever. 74 trains, left for Auschwitz, 76,000 Jews were deported from France and never came back. Yes, the criminal madness of the Occupier was, as we all know, abetted by French citizens, abetted by the French state.

I have no doubt that the Holocaust did happen and that 6 million Jews were exterminated. Reading about history I know how much a man can be cruel. The suffering the Jews endured made them determined to never let the Holocaust happen again at whatever cost. They successfully acted on transferring their dream and determination to reality. Not even the most powerful country in the world, i.e., the USA, can raise its head in front of Israel. It is the only country in the world that has a nuclear weapons program and not questioned about it. If for any reason because no country dares.

I have to give credit to Israelis for having research and inventing technology that is hundred of years beyond the Arab countries reach. They figured out that if you have a dream you have to work hard to achieve it and much, much harder to maintain it. And they are doing that exactly, for whatever cost.


* The term “Jewish Question” was first used in Great Britain from around 1750 [source].


8 thoughts on “The Jewish question*

  1. Great post. So much of the pass given to today’s Israel is a result of gentile guilt, for both European direct complicity and American,complicit silence. When I lived in Austria, it was still palpable. The town I lived in had been heavily Nazi, and still believed it. In my abuse course, many German women have ramifications of being raise by emotionally numb parents whose consciences were seared into silence by fear of the Gestapo.

    The Jews have a history of resilience, success and influence that is no where commensurate to their numbers. But it seems unforgiveness will be their downfall, as it has led to a similar cruel treatment of Palestinians. God loves His creation, all people, and no matter how He dealt with the Jews in the past, or promises given, His mercy has a period and He will not allow this injustice to go on in His name.

    1. Thanks and well said. I know many Americans think this way about what is going on in the Middle East but we need more people to be fair in their judgment. You are very right about the unforgiveness matter. I also believe we should not judge people with what their ancestors did.

  2. Anti-semitism still exists in Europe and in fact, creating Israel was one way to get rid of the jews in Europe. As for the USA, jewish immigrants to the USA have 100 years head start on Arab immigtants so they are better integrated in American society and are part of the fabric that is America. I may add that the problem is not Judaism, but Zionism, There are many jews that do not support what Israel is doing to the Palestinians and that should be noted.

    1. I am sorry I don’t know if you are an Arab or not but we, Arabs, believe in what you mentioned that the reason behind Balfour declaration is for Europeans to get rid of Jews. Of course Europeans will never admit the reason behind their full support of the new land for Jews. But whether this is true or not it is irrelevant now.

      As a Muslim I consider Jews and Christians people of the book. Muslims are not suppose to love one prophet and not the other and of course we should believe in all prophets. Thanks for the correction. Of course my problem is with Zionism not Judaism.

  3. One reason the State of Israel is so popular in the US is many Christians believe this creation was prophesied as something that was supposed to happen in the days before Jesus came back to earth. So of course when they see this happen they think, “Oh wow, prophesy is coming true right before our eyes!” Are they then going to protest this happening?

    Sadly, they then excuse anything Israel does which is what I have a huge problem with. God never excused it. If you look in the Bible, you will see where God told the children of Israel to walk justly and humbly and with mercy. So when these people favor Israel due to their interpretation of the Bible, they also, in my opinion, need to admonish Israel to treat people right and not excuse their oppressing and murderous ways.

  4. I am very sure there are quite a good percentage of people who think like you, Blue Oyster and Kinzi. Unfortunately, they don’t have the louder voice in the US. As in the Muslim world religion, most of the time, is used as an excuse to do stupid things. Many politicians, in the Arab world, use verses from the Quran or take pictures while they are praying or reading Quran to fool devoted Muslims to vote for them. As a Muslim I want another Muslim to represent me and who is better than a [fake] religious politician.
    I liked your comment.

  5. Great post! I think you make some very vaild points but there are other genocides that have happened since the holocaust and the US has been largely silent on them. Including Cambodia, Bosnia, and other places…I just think that the holocaust gets more air time for a variety of reasons…I’m not saying the holocaust was no big deal…it sure was but sadly there hasn’t been any action. There is a lot of talk about the issue but most of the action. I find it sad that we haven’t learned from the holocaust or the other genocides that have happened since.

    1. I agree with you there are more genocides in different places but I was focusing on two issues about the holocaust. The first, is that German Nazis got some help from other European countries and how the Jewish people moved from being hopeless and helpless to having quite very well established research and development institutes. Alas, more and more Palestinians are paying the price for this.

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