Did man create God?

I never read anything for Christopher Hitchens. I first heard of his name in an interview on The Daily Show or maybe on Colbert Report when he wrote his book “God is not great.” I knew from that interview that he is a very proud atheist. The second thing I know about him is that he died recently.

For some reason the “man created God” phrase that atheists are promoting suddenly popped up in my mind. I started to wonder if man created God, why he does not die but man die? If God does not exist and he is in man’s mind only, why God does not disappear after all these generations?

Both Muslims and Christians when they want to convince someone that God exist they start talking about the magnificent universe. They talk about the creation of humans and everything that breath. They explain how everything in the world works in sync. Although, these are all valid points my biggest miracle is “time”. We have no control over time what so ever. We just can’t stop it.

For those who say man created God it seems God is outliving all of us. He continues to exist in our mind and the minds of many, many generations to come.

Surat Al-'A`rāf (The Heights) - سورة الأعراف


10 thoughts on “Did man create God?

  1. Time is a concept that exists only in our mortal realm. It does not exist in the afterlife. A thousand years of our time is only a fraction of a second to the Creator

  2. “I started to wonder if man created God, why he does not die but man die? If God does not exist and he is in man’s mind only, why God does not disappear after all these generations?”

    To answer your first (and second) questions: because mankind passes their often erroneous beliefs on to their children and so on and so forth. Bad ideas die hard. For example, it took many, many generations before people accepted the scientific evidence that the earth was in fact a sphere.

    Very few educated people question the fact that mankind created God(s). It’s patently obvious.

    1. In science, some ideas are called theories others are called facts. A fact is when no one can prove that a particular fact doesn’t hold all the time. No one yet proved that God does not exist. So it is not a fact that God doesn’t exist. It might be a theory according to some but it is for sure not a fact.

      1. I do not think you fully understand “scientific theory” and “fact”. Besides, the burden of proof is on the one making the claim. You say there is a god; I say go ahead and prove it.

  3. i heard about this theory, some of them say that as human needs a higher power and they need something more powerful and something that relay the bad things that happened to them on it, so they created the concept of god “the higher power” ! its strange how they think in that way! how they explain the miracles that happened for prophets either in Muslim or christian cultures? such atheist exist just for the mere of “5alef to3raf” ! but i think deep inside of them they like to believe that there is a higher power , something greater than us!

    1. If there is a greater power than us that never die I wonder what should we call this power. I would prefer to call this power Almighty Allah.

  4. يقول الشعراوي رحمه الله
    ما أَشْهَدتُّهُمْ خَلْقَ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ وَلَا خَلْقَ أَنفُسِهِمْ وَمَا كُنتُ مُتَّخِذَ الْمُضِلِّينَ عَضُداً
    (سورة الكهف – 51)

    وماداموا لم يشهدوا خلق السماوات والأرض ولا خلق أنفسهم. فلابد أن نأخذ ذلك عن الله ما ينبئنا به الله عن خلق السماوات والأرض وعن خلقنا هو الحقيقة وما يأتينا عن غير الله سبحانه وتعالى فهو ضلال وزيف. ونحن الآن نجد بحوثا كثيرة عن كيفية السماوات والأرض وخلق السماوات والأرض وخلق الإنسان. وكلها لن تصل إلي حقيقة. بل ستظل نظريات بلا دليل. ولذلك قال الله سبحانه وتعالى: “وما كنت متخذ المضلين عضدا” أي أن هناك من سيأتي ويضل. ويقول هكذا تم خلق السماوات والأرض، وهكذا خلق الإنسان. هؤلاء المضلون الذين جاءوا بأشياء هي من علم الله وحده. جاءوا تثبيتا لمنهج الإيمان. فلو لم يأت هؤلاء المضلون، ولو لم يقولوا خلقت الأرض بطريقة كذا والسماء بطريقة كذا. لقلنا أن الله تعالى قد أخبرنا في كتابه العزيز أن هناك من سيأتي ويضل في خلق الكون وخلق الإنسان ولكن كونهم أتوا. فهذا دليل على صدق القرآن الذي أنبأنا بمجيئهم قبل أن يأتوا بقرون.

    والاستفادة من الشيء لا تقتضي معرفة أسراره .. فنحن مثلا نستخدم الكهرباء مع أننا لا نعرف ما هي؟ وكذلك نعيش على الأرض ونستفيد بكل ظواهرها وكل ما سخره الله لنا. وعدم علمنا بسر الخلق والإيجاد لا يحرمنا هذه الفائدة. فهو علم لا ينفع وجهل لا يضر. والكون مسخر لخدمة الإنسان. والتسخير معناه التذليل ولا تتمرد ظواهر الكون على الإنسان. وإذا كانت هناك ظواهر في الكون تتمرد بقدر الله. مثل الفيضانات والبراكين والكوارث الطبيعية. نقول أن ذلك يحدث ليلفتنا الحق سبحانه وتعالى إلي أن كل ما في الكون لا يخدمنا بذاتنا. ولا بسيطرتنا عليه، وإنما يخدمنا بأمر الله له، وإلا لو كانت المخلوقات تخدمك بذاتك. فأقدر عليها حينما تتمرد على خدمتك. وكل ما في الكون خاضع لطلاقة القدرة الآلهية. فالأسباب والمسببات في الكون لا تخرج عن إرادة الله. لذلك إذا تمرد الماء بالطوفان. وتمرد الرياح بالعاصفة. وتمردت الأرض بالزلازل والبراكين. فما ذلك إلا ليعرف الإنسان أنه ليس بقدرته أن يسيطر على الكون الذي يعيش فيه

  5. The concept of god is no different than many of our cultural artifacts. They get passed on from generation to generation. “God” does not die because people do; “god would only die if people would stop believing in silly superstitions and stop teaching their children that there’s an invisible man up in the sky.

    It’s as simply as that.

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