The ideology of suicide bombing I

In the past ten years the number of suicide attacks, executed by Muslims, skyrocketed. The most recent is on Christmas Day 2011 in Nigeria. “The Nigerian Islamist group, Boko Haram, claimed responsibility for the wave of attacks on Sunday, which included bomb explosions at two churches and a suicide attack in the northeast.” [Aljazeera]

Some Muslims deny that these series of Al-Qaeda like suicide bombings, worldwide, could be solely executed by Muslims. Their claim comes from their belief that Islam does not teach Muslims to kill civilians regardless of their belief. Hence, they believe that there is a conspiracy theory revolves around these suicide bombings. The magnitude of these suicide attacks made the majority of Muslims disbelief that such a horrible thing could be masterminded by Muslims. This denial came from the fact that civilians should not be harmed let alone killing children and women. And to their despair and astonishment even places of worship like mosques in Iraq and Pakistan are not been saved from these kind of barbaric attacks.

At the other pole of denial there are the Islamophobic advocates who claim that these attacks have one interpretation only, Islam is evil and teaches its followers to be violent and kill non-Muslims. According to them the statement they keep hearing from Muslims “Islam is a religion of peace” is just a way for Muslims to buy for themselves time while they infiltrate the American society and destroy it from within before they deny Americans  their freedom and execute the Sharia Law.

Both these groups think vertically (it is not a bad thing in science). That is, they are only concerned on finding a solution (i.e., stopping these attacks) without studying the reason behind suicide bombing. Both these two groups are wrong and each live in their own denial box. The first group denies that there could be bad Muslims and the second denies anything good coming from Islam. Such mentality will never solve anything and will never meet at any point.

I am someone who thinks horizontally. I don’t just want to find a solution for such madness but I also want to know how and why this suicide bombing ideology started. Finding a solution is of course a priority but it does not guarantee that such ideology will not appear in the future.

Islamophobia is on the rise in the US. You can watch this video (If you watch the video please read the comments as well. Most Americans are against such mentality) which is one of many about how some people know absolutely nothing of a religion that is been followed by over a billion and is the fastest growing religion, yet they claim they know everything about it. Their misunderstanding of Islam makes it impossible for them to accept anything Islam.

The question is, at least from my point of view, why the most multicultural and one of the most developed countries in the world have many of its citizens misinformed about other cultures, especially about Muslims and Islam? Why Sharia Law is the most talk about subject in America when it comes to Islam and why this subject causes nightmares to some Americans? Islamophobic advocates claim there is no such thing as “moderate Muslims”, are they right or wrong? What makes one a moderate Muslim according to westerners? Why some Americans don’t believe what many Muslims have been saying for years that Islam is a religion of peace? Is Islam truly a religion of peace or is it what Islamophobic people claim it is, “tuqyah”?

On the other hand, why some Muslims, especially who live in non-Muslim countries, are not very honest when it comes to answering controversial questions? What does Islam say about homosexuality, polygamy, and most important about non-Muslims and ‘Kuffar‘ (disbelievers)?


9 thoughts on “The ideology of suicide bombing I

  1. This is way too involved and complicated to answer in a paragraph or two. You need an academic thesis at least. Let me just say that Islam as it is in our day is not true Islam. In fact, true Islam barely lasted 40 years after the death of the prophet Moh’d (pbuh), some say not even 20 years (after the assasination of Omar ibn Al Khattab). What we have now is a twisted notion of Islam by Arab men that interpret it according to their biases, picking what they want and ignoring what they don’t want. True Islam is in the books, and true Muslims are in their graves.

    1. Yes, such topics need to be discussed in many books not just couple of posts. My plan is not to explain things in detail but to show the difference between the Arabs and Americans way of thinking hopefully to establish some basis for those who need to know more.
      I have to disagree with you about the state of current Muslims. Yes, of course no one can say that the over billion followers are at their best behavior. But yet Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, told his companions that he likes our generation because we believed in his message without seeing him. There are also many other texts good Muslims still exist all the time.
      I can understand your point that to understand Islam one needs to study the biographies of Prophet Muhammmad’s companions. They after all the ‘Sunnis’ third source of Islamic teaching after the Quran and Hadith.

  2. Joe :
    Quote ” True Islam is in the books, and true Muslims are in their graves” This statement just about sums is it all up. 21st century Islam is too big and too intricate to be explained because the question that will always linger in our our mind is : Islam according to Who ? Better yet : Who speaks on behalf of Islam?

    1. “Islam according to Who ? Better yet : Who speaks on behalf of Islam?”
      These are really excellent questions and concerns. But then isn’t every concept and idea goes under these questions? Does Christianity or Judaism have each one way of teaching?
      In Islam, there are four main schools (Hanafi, Maleki, Shafei and Hanbali).
      Muslims agreed that these four schools are the main source to learn about Islam. Nevertheless, there are still more differences and schools. But I want to concentrate on issues that many westerners want to know about like polygamy and suicide bombing.

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