The people who made Jaraad blog survive 2011

WordPress sent me end of the year blog activity. Alhamdulilah, my blog is growing year after year. This year the blog views increased by 50%. On this occasion, I would like to thank all Jaraad’s blog readers especially those who share their opinion by commenting on the blog. I also would like to extend my gratitude to five special people who made writing this blog a challenge and reading it a pleasure by some readers. Their feedback and comments helped this blog survive its fifth year. To these people I say thank you. I truly appreciate and value your comments. Here they are:

To the five people above and every single reader of this blog I like to say without your support this blog will definitely fail to pursue its mission in existing. Thank You!

My 2011 most read posts are:

 Happy blogging in 2012!


17 thoughts on “The people who made Jaraad blog survive 2011

  1. هاد غش
    أنا أعترض
    مش مفروض يطلع إسم هيشم من مره؟؟

    منها للأحسن ويارب السنه الجاي نشوف مقتبسات من بوستاتك بال نيويورك تايمز

    صباحك خير

  2. @umm ommar :
    انا محطوط كديكور فقط مشان ال
    تكون مزبوطة!

    1 male – 4 female!

    1. ولو يا شيشاني. كل البلوجريه ممنونين الك. اسمك المفروض على رأس القائمه.ـ
      بس غابت عن بالي نسبة 1 الى 4.ـ
      للأسف الشباب الأردني مش معجب بمدونتي :(ـ

  3. Jaraad, you, Samar and Haitham have kept me going too (plus my usual suspects :D)

    Blogging has so changed, but you all keep it as stimulating and fun as t used to be. keep thinking t is time to stop, but then one of you comments… God bless you!

    Where do you get wordpress to send you end-of-year activity?

    1. Unfortunately, less and less Jordanians are blogging. I am not a fan of 140 characters thing. Thank you , Kinzi!
      Wordpress sent me end of the year activity blog by email. Every wordpress blogger should have received one. Check your spam/junk folder.

  4. I credit Chiara for helping me find your blog. Then I just went back and read most everything you wrote in the past! 😀 I really enjoy it and hope you are able to keep it up this year. You have such a wide variety of topics and I like seeing what takes your attention. Thanks for an interesting blog to read. Best wishes in 2012!

    1. I remember that day when I received many comments from you in one day. It was my most proud moment in blogging 🙂 I never received such number of comments in one day.
      I too like to read what non-Arabs (Muslims and non-Muslims) think about my culture. We learn a lot from each others by reading these non-commercialized posts. Unfortunately, Journalism is biased to who pays more. Thank you and I hope you keep reading my blog 🙂 Best wishes!

  5. Thank you for your kind words, Jaraad. Lately I have been reading without commenting due to a medical setback. However, I find almost all of your posts inspiring, and the others are happily entertaining. I’m looking forward to your ongoing blogging!

    1. I am sorry to hear about your setback. I read about it in your blog. Get well soon!
      I missed your comments on my blog and of course your always interesting posts.

  6. Maybe I’m not a good commentator here but I really enjoy reading and watching every thing u post plus following ur blog by email make it easier to read it from there specially when I’m using my mobile’s browser 😀

    Happy blogging in 2012 to you too Malik…keep up the good work

    1. Actually, you were one of the top commentators on this blog but maybe not in 2011, according to WordPress 🙂 I know you read my blog even when you don’t comment. But I am glad you are back to the blogosphere now. Thank you!

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