Did anyone say owning a gun is a bad idea?

As good and exciting the ending of this story is one can’t stop thinking of how this 18-year-old mom felt while fearfully hugging her infant and hearing two men trying to knock her mobile home door down.

The hero mom shoot dead one man and the other ran away. Good for her and her son. He should be very proud of her.  Sarah McKinley’s  husband died of cancer on Christmas Day, only a week before the incident.


11 thoughts on “Did anyone say owning a gun is a bad idea?

        1. This is the dilemma about gun control. We don’t like everyone to have a gun but then sometimes like this incident we believe it was the mother’s only way to safe both her life and her son’s life.

  1. I`m not sure Jaraad, if we had another incident as an example of how dangerous it is; wouldn`t it be justified to NOT opt for having them?

    1. My decision depends on the country. In the US, they have strict laws. To buy a gun license one should go through a through screening. Some states have more proper screening others are less through. In my opinion, as long as there is a screening and every gun is registered I see no wrong in one wanting to protect his family and property. If this is the case in Jordan then why not. The issue of gun control is so big not even the US with its most complex system could figure out a final decision.

  2. This is the kind of scenario that drives the fear that underpins gun laws in the US. Statistically, the countries with the tightest gun laws for the longest amount of time have the lowest rates of deaths from violent crime (not just those involving guns). This holds true even from one province of the country to another, eg statistics within Canada.

    The US has unfortunately easy access to guns. Requirements for registration and licensing are minimal, and often even those aren’t enforced adequately. Gun shows are notorious for loose interpretations of whatever laws exist in the state in which they are held, and those wishing to acquire a gun know to cross state lines for easier rules. As a result, those with criminal records, and major mental illness do have relatively easy access to guns.

    This laxity applies not just to handguns, but fire arms, and to frightening extent to automatic weapons, designed more for military action than regular uses like hunting.

    Most who try to protect themselves, family, and property, make the situation worse, as they are amateurs facing professional criminals. This woman was extraordinarily lucky that the intruders were armed only with knives, and the second one chose to flee, rather than persist, or avenge the death of the other one. She and her baby would most likely have lost against a better armed and more persistent duo.

    I always worry about the “right to the pursuit of happiness” combined with the “right to bear arms”, since some people have an anti-social notion of what constitutes their happiness. More than that, I wonder how the right to bear a musket for the purpose of forming a militia in case the Brits made a post-Revolutionary comeback turned into the current free-for-all.

    If one must own a gun, and arguably there are some who must–farmers (more for animal than human intruders), hunters (properly regulated hunting laws), law enforcement–then yes, that ownership should be responsible.

    1. Thanks for posting the comment above for me, Jaraad. Looks like the problem was in trying to send it from my iPod. Here I am from my computer with my palm trees waving! 😀

      1. Glad you figured out what the problem was in submitting your comment.
        Regarding the issue of ‘gun control’ I don’t think it is that easy to make a decision, at least for me. I think those who are with and against this law have valid points. You are right that licensing fire arms in the US is relaxed, to certain degree compared to other European countries, but usually criminals don’t go through such medium any way.

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