Bad parenting and a case of an extreme racism in Arizona

You will not believe what you will hear in this video. The girls’ future if not in the US at least in Arizona is over thanks to bad parenting. When parents will learn that their children will execute what they have been hearing from them. If you teach your child to love or hate others  then he will, as simple as that. Children’s behaviors are blue print of parenting  ready to be executed year after year. Don’t build a monster.

Warning: The video contains all kind of profanity against Mexicans and Jesus.

And I was planing to visit Grand Canyon again this spring break. No, thank you I will not carry my passport and I-20 with me while in Grand Canyon in case some officer stops me and ask me where are my papers.

Another example of bad parenting: UCLA Chancellor uses YouTube to Respond to a student’s video


6 thoughts on “Bad parenting and a case of an extreme racism in Arizona

  1. Oh my God, I’m so glad I actually have friends that are people. Not sick animals like these girls. And I, being of mexican heritage, actually know how to use correct pronunciation and general grammar. My religion makes me love everybody and be against abortions, but if anybody should have been an abortion, these girls are prime examples; future Hitlers.

    1. Ana, anyone with the least sense of logic, sanity and some humanity should feel offended by this ugly racism. I can understand how someone of Mexican heritage would be outraged about this video. It seems racism is something that we humans are not going to get rid of easily, even after all these years.

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