Do you know how to write a manual? Do you know how to describe the functionality of a machine? Or how to chronologically list the tasks of some kind of an operation?

I found this video which teaches 2nd graders functional writing to be very interesting. It is not easy for teachers to make a hard subject both useful and entertaining at the same time. Don’t you wish all our children’s teachers are as intelligent, caring and funny as the one in this video. The teacher in the video has recently became a Google Certified Teacher and was also a member of the first inaugural YouTube Teacher Studio and became one of the very first “YouTube Star Teachers”. In 2011 she was named AAGT’s Gifted Teacher of the Year. I don’t know what any of these awards are but it seems she deserves such recognition.


4 thoughts on “Learn functional writing with 2nd graders

  1. Very nice…lucky them 🙂

    While I was watching the video I tried very hard to remember if we use to have a writing lessons at school – English or Arabic – I remember the Twajehi final exam there were one question about writing an article about some thing but did I ever attend any writing class??? as I remember NO, the teacher used to till us to read on page so and so about the subject we have to write about next week, I used to ask my gifted brother to write it and next day just to give it to the teacher.

    Now a days I’m not sure about public schools but privet schools they have it, my cousin is an English teacher,I read some of her 4th grade student’s writings, till now I can’t write in the way and using the phrases they used in their articles :$

  2. Yes, I think we used to have a homework in the Arabic class called reading comprehension. And sometimes the teacher will give us a subject and we write one or two pages about it. But we have never learned anything about how to write. The teacher used to correct our grammars and dictations only but never gave us hints on how to write.

    Anyway, I am glad things are improving in the private schools in Jordan.

    1. After watching few other videos for the same teacher, I think those students are gifted. Anyhow, it would be nice to use some of her methods in teaching.

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