Your friend today might be your enemy tomorrow

Couple of years ago I watched a BBC documentary about the War in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the film but below is an interesting clip from this documentary:

If you are old enough you should know about the friendship between the Mujahedeen fighters in Afghanistan and the USA during Afghanistan-USSR war. The movie Charlie Wilson’s War is a good depiction of that era.

If Ronald Reagan’s love relationship and his dedication to the people of Afghanistan didn’t shock you this will:

I Googled the quote to check if he really said that or not but I didn’t find any site that says he didn’t. Now, this is too big because Muslims hater like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and radio hosts alike always swear by America’s founding fathers. They always praise the founding fathers moral, honesty and their decency. It is ironic how we can easily find too many things that we hate about our friend once we no longer friends.


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