Moving from New York to Beirut

An American woman moves from New York to Beirut and learns about a new culture. She has interesting eight observations to share. Read her post Eight Things to Know Before Moving to Beirut.

She writes about her bad experience in being repeatedly mistaken for a prostitute, social life, tasty food, and physical appearance. Two cultures, one live by “it is not any body’s business” mantra the other has no perception of individualism. Both are right once you learn how to balance between them. Every culture has its ups and downs only those who open their minds and accept the ups and downs of other cultures can adapt and live a satisfactory life.


7 thoughts on “Moving from New York to Beirut

  1. salam,
    well… pls forgive me for asking. & if I may ask, if Beirut if so fashionable, beautiful & all – a mark of class and opulence – why does the southern Lebanon require foreign peacekeepers? coz i once thought Lebanon was a bit like Palestine, but then these glamour super beauty articles came up & shattered my perspective. ha ha…

    1. Actually, your question is very valid. I have never been in Lebanon so my answer might not be the best. Any way, I think there are multiple factors here. First, after 17 years of civil war and Israeli occupation they got used to this bad situation. They adapted their life and decided to live a happy life and build a promising future. Second, as far as I know Beirut is more safer than the south. What happens in one city doesn’t mean it affect all the cities.

  2. Hi Jaraad thank you for that post it is like you are reading my mind i was thinking on moving over their thank God i stayed here i i know they have it very hard i feel so sorry for all those people i wish i could help each and every one.Right now i am trying to help with the slaves trying to get them free no man needs to be a slave no one i am going to right the president and talk to him i need to speck my peace but thank you so very much and keep sending me your post i do enjoy reading them God bless you. PS…did the lady is she ok now i sure hope so.

  3. I just read what the lady said about moving over there to a dark handsome man she just save me the guy wants me to move where he is thank you for leting me see this you and her just save my life it is bad that a lady can be called bad things when she is not but i am going to stay here in the states where i belong thank both of you so very much. Gail

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