Picture America: Smoke free property

It is been years since I saw anyone smoking indoors. Luckily, recently a more strict ban on smoking has been initiated by some institutes; that is, smoke-free property. My university is going to be a smoke-free campus by January 2014. Currently, smoking is allowed only on few designated open areas on campus. I wonder what would be next to limit more smoking in the USA? Would the USA be one day a smoke-free zone?

Here is some pictures of our city’s public library and its smoke-free property sign.


8 thoughts on “Picture America: Smoke free property

  1. enjoy it while you can because as soon as you go back to the Arab world, you will choke on Arab cigarettes and the addicts who don’t respect the other

    1. These are boxes for people to return their checked out books at their convenience; any time during the day while the library is closed or if they are on the rush and don’t want go inside. Some people here read A LOT.

    1. الناس تطالب بالتغيير واحنا مش مغيرين حالنا
      كيف راح يصير حالنا افضل اذا ما حاولنا نبدأ بأنفسنا

  2. We have some places like that here as well. I think the hospital for one. 🙂

    Yeah,that’s the one thing I didn’t like about Syria. Really smokey.

    1. I believe the reason it is important in such places as hospitals and public libraries, where children are around, is not just for the sake of health related issues but for children not to be exposed to seeing grownups smoking. Unlike European movies I like what American movies are doing of not showing actors smoking.

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