A shout out to Toot and Albawaba

Unfortunately, blogging in Jordan has been in decline for years. I would say it almost disappeared now. For some reason Jordanians are not blogging as they used to. Even top JO bloggers are rarely posting anything if they didn’t already quit.

Jordanian bloggers used to rant about customer services, lack of freedom of speech, politics, government’s controlled media and yellow newspapers, social and cultural weirdness. Nothing from this and many others is solved. So, why JO bloggers stopped? Were journalists right that blogging in Jordan is never a serious matter?

Living outside Jordan, I always enjoyed reading these blogs. In the Arab world, if you want to learn what is going on in a country you should read the blogs not the newspapers. Newspapers are either controlled by the government or owned by a political party.

Blogs should not necessarily be political to be effective. Blogs that talk about day to day events in a country, like Jordan, are as much valuable in the process of writing the history of the country. It is a shame that individuals will not participate in writing the history of our country via their blogs.

Nevertheless, there are still people who are working very hard to keep blogging alive. One blog directory I am very thankful for is Toot. Every day, Toot team features six blogs out of 193 selected blogs in Arabia. Luckily, many of my posts have been featured in their selection. I am forever grateful that someone or maybe more than one at Toot like my posts.

Another online site that is helping my blog spread the word is Albawaba. Their regular blogs roundup summarizes the best posts in Arabia. Luckily again, many of my posts have been featured in their website. How exciting is that.

Every time either Toot or Albawaba features one of my posts I have a big smile on my face. The feeling of excitement and recognition that someone finds what I write worth sharing with others is priceless.

That said, my blog is not attracting Jordanian readership. I know that I have very few faithful Jordanian readers but unfortunately my blog is not succeeding in increasing my Jordanian readership.

Anyway, for those few Jordanian and non-Jordanian readers thank you for keep reading my blog. Your time and comments are always appreciated and valued. Why would I keep writing if no one reads my  posts? Who knows I might one day be famous and you get to brag in front of your friends “Jaraad knows me. I used to read and leave comments on his blog. “

Keep reading and blogging Jordan!


10 thoughts on “A shout out to Toot and Albawaba

  1. for that reason only I’m gonna leave a comment haha 😀
    well Jo Bloggers are on twitter as well, and facebook, that took away the momentum from blogging.. don’t say blogging is dying, let’s be in denial seriously! my readership has increased the past year, I guess it’s due to the political winds in the region, I feel the blog is more lively that two years ago. It’s nothing like before though, of cou rse.

    1. Thank you, Naser.I am glad to hear that your blog is getting more hits. Yes, I have noticed how Twitter is attracting more people. Unfortunately, although I am on twitter it didn’t interest me. Facebook and Twitter are excellent social networking media but I believe they can’t replace blogs. Twitter, Facebook and Blogs each has its charm and I believe neither Twitter or Facebook should replace blogging.

  2. U know what Jaraad, I think the bloggers r too many now and even the prominent ones don`t have time to post, only to reply and comment, that`s one reason, the other is the massive social “venues” that eat time for blogging and what not 🙂

    1. I should have read your comment before writing a reply to Naser. My reply would be the same for you 🙂 People don’t have time to blog or read blogs because they underestimate blogging. Don’t you think some people spend hours on Twitter or Facebook a day? I understand that blogs may not be for everybody but I was ranting for the lack of Jordanian readership 🙂

  3. I really enjoy your blog. I didn’t read it for a long time because I didn’t realize it was here, but once Chiara made it known, I went back and read almost everything. 🙂 And I love that when you will be famous one day, I can say with pride that I used to comment on his blog when he was not as well-known. Haha!

    Thanks for sharing about your life and other things of interest in the world of Jaraad!

  4. I think if we have to blame something it would be facebook/twitter, all Jordanians have facebook accounts, and by saying all I mean all from children to grandparents, it’s an easier way to blog, spread’s faster, too many friends in no time, and I think these social networks will terminate blogger eventually!

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