Floating on the river

Last Saturday, I and other six guys drove for three hours south of Columbia to Eminence, MO to float at Jacks Fork River. We rented three canoes and one kayak for me. Floating on the river is one of the best activities one can do. Here are some pictures of the trip:

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4 thoughts on “Floating on the river

  1. حلوين الصور و شكله الجو كان بجنن…اي جو فيه مي تلقائي بجنن اكيد
    اه صحيح….صحتين عالبطيخ 🙂

    1. صحيح الجو كان رائع. وخصوصا لما الواحد يكون على النهر وبين الخضره. على فكره جبنا بطيختين مش واحده بس :)ـ

    1. Yes, it is really beautiful. Unfortunately, we don’t have such beautiful nature in the Middle East. I am trying to enjoy America’s sceneries as much as I can 🙂

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