An inside look at men’s toilets

Unlike women, men can’t do number one, when going to the toilet, without using their hands. Otherwise, things will get messy. I don’t remember when I learned to wash my hands after using the toilet but I guess it should be at very early age when my mother taught me how to go to the toilet without her help. It became a habit for me to wash my hands after going to the toilet. Then in school I learned we should wash our hands to keep the germs away.

All the toilets in American restaurants have a sign that says “Employees must wash hands.” The sign serves two purposes. First, reminds employees to wash their hands before returning to work. Second, gives customers a sense of satisfaction about the safety of how their food is handled.

Unfortunately, it seems not all men were taught to wash their hands after using the urinal. The first thing I think about when I see someone walk away without washing his hands is the fact that I will shake hand with someone who touched his penis without washing his hands.

Now, the problem is touching man’s most favorite body part is not as touching any other body part; it is not as clean as we hope to. The issue here is not whether a circumcised penis is cleaner than uncircumcised or not but that area of the body is hairy and prone to lots of sweat. It could be that some men don’t shower everyday. And even worse there could be some men who don’t bath when washing their whole body becomes a must*.

Saying that, here is what I propose:

  1. Health departments should change all restaurant signs to “Both employees and customers must wash hands.” Hopefully, the future generations will not need such sign to remind each others to wash hands.
  2. Regardless of your religion, women should not shake hands with men; many of us are not clean. Men, shake hand at your own risk.

In the following clip, Seinfeld notices his cook walk away without washing his hands:

* In Islam, taking a bath is a must after ejaculation. Also, urine is considered impure. If urine wets clothes it should be washed with water.


2 thoughts on “An inside look at men’s toilets

  1. Ah, I wasn’t sure what this post would be about … my mind went to contents of actual toilets and let’s just say I’m glad it was more about washing hands after using the toilet. 🙂

    Yes, I think it’s necessary for everyone to wash his/her hands after using the restroom. Too bad not everyone can be bothered to do so. :-/

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