Four Fabulous Looks for Men this Summer

Most American cities have a record high temperature that lasted for days and in some cities lasted for weeks. I have been wearing shorts almost everyday since Jeans would be uncomfortable in this extreme heat.

In America, it is very common for men to wear shorts. And in such hot weather shorts are a must. But then I thought what if men in America wear something else that also can beat the heat. Wouldn’t it be great to see men wearing other than just shorts?

Here are what some nationalities wear that I propose to be in men’s wardrobe and see more of in the streets.

American Shorts:

Arabic Thawb (a.k.a Dishdasha):

Although this garment covers the body it is very thin, light and loose. Since the thawb is light it can reveal beneath it so Arabs wear white baggy pants called sirwal made of Polyester.

Irish Kilt:

Asian Sarong:

I have all these in my wardrobe except the kilt. I would love to try one. But I will still be wearing my boxer though.

*Pictures copied from the internet.

5 thoughts on “Four Fabulous Looks for Men this Summer

    1. South Asians like colorful clothes so these Sarongs could be unisex.
      Since there are many Saudis in Washington DC they freely were their thawb during Halloween 🙂

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