Parents on Campus

At Mizzou we recognize that families are in transition when students journey to college. Orientation to university life is important to help parents and other family members understand and support their new students. Therefore, a specially tailored parent/guest program will be provided for all parents and guests attending Winter Welcome. [Mizzou]

By far the most cheerful week on campus, in my opinion, is the week before the Fall semester starts. In this week, parents of freshman students accompany their son or daughter to help him or her learn about the new campus life for the next four years or so and help him or her settle in the new city.

Such process of transition starts months earlier. During the summer, prospective students and their parents come to campus for an orientation, in which they are toured around the big campus. My university has even a website dedicated to parents called Office of Parent Relations. Check it out

Prospective students with their families during an on campus tour

When a student choose to enroll in the university he or she comes one week before the Fall semester starts to settle down and move his or her stuff to the new dorm room.

Parents helping their daughter carry items they bought for her dorm room.

Now, what I like most about seeing parents and families on campus is the liveliness and joy on these people faces. The giggling of the younger brother and/or sister, the smile on the mother’s face, the playing it cool freshman, while full of excitement. But the best face impression comes from the father who while having a big smile on his face you sometime glance a moment of quietness, wandering through his mind, trying to punch some astronomical tuition fee numbers.

While visiting the campus, parents take memorable pictures of their newly enrolled college student son

Two weeks ago, I overheard a freshman tell her father to “stop asking questions.” She was embarrassed of her father asking for directions. The proud father who wants to make sure his daughter get everything she needs was asking a student on campus for some directions.  This incident reminded me of my two female cousins who saw me on campus on their first day on campus, 20 years ago, and asked me for direction to their class room. When I extended my arm and started pointing out how to go to their destination they both abruptly shouted on me to not point. I had to listen to them and give them directions without any physical gesture. Freshman are the same everywhere. No freshman wants to be seen asking for directions on campus 🙂

I can’t even imagine the status of happiness parents are experiencing when their child enters kindergarten, graduates from high school, admitted to a university, graduates from the university, gets a real job, marries and becomes a new parent. Being a parent got to be the best thing ever.


5 thoughts on “Parents on Campus

  1. Happiness and sadness both, I suspect. Hopefully one day you will let us know how it is being a parent facing these milestones. 🙂

    Funny about the asking for directions thing! 🙂

    1. Thank you , Aseel!
      I was just trying new blog themes. The problem with this one is that the font is so big and wide. Also, it puts all the extra side widgets on the bottom. I am trying to find a better one otherwise I will go back to the old one. Thanks for your feedback.

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