Picture America: Open Campuses

Unlike universities in the Middle East and Malaysia, U.S. colleges and universities are not guarded by walls, gates or security. In Jordan for example, only students, staffs and faculties are allowed entrance to the university. Guests are allowed but they need permission.

I am not sure about campuses in South America or Europe. Does any reader know if campuses there have gates or not?

10 thoughts on “Picture America: Open Campuses

  1. Great topic!

    The universities I have been to in Europe are open, but some have gates that are closed at night, and open in the day with a porter’s looks that is staffed.

    Here in Canada, elementary schools require guests to get permission from the office to visit, because of concerns about pedophilia, and child kidnapping (most often by an estranged parent).

    1. Thank you, Chiara!
      I appreciate the feedback about universities in Europe and Canada, I didn’t know that. I think it is important to get permission to enter GK12 schools but I find it unnecessary to guard colleges and universities. They are supposed to be for the use and benefits of their communities not just for students.

  2. انا ﻛﻨﺖ من الفوج الاول بالجامعه الهاشميه…كل الجامعه كانت مبنيين و بوابه بعيده عنهم كيلو…كان الباص ينزلنا عند البوابه لانه ممنوع يدخل جوا و عالبوابه لازم نبين الهويه :$
    كلنا على بعض 500 طالب حافظين بعض و العمال رايحين جايين لانهم لسا ببنو و اللي ناسي هويته من الطلاب ما بخلوه يدخل الا بميت واسطه

    1. مش عارف على ايش. الهوشات صايره صايره. انا زرت الهاشميه وآل البيت بعد ما رجعت من ماليزيا بس اكتشفت ان الصحراء مش الي رحت اشتغلت مبرمج بعمان.ـ

  3. عجبتني الصورة الاولى كيف فيه عامودين بيحددوا المدخل والباقي مفتوح.
    صار فيه تشديد أكثر مؤخرا على هوية الداخل والخارج من الجامعة لانه مسألة العنف الجامعي – واللي ما بتوقف عند طوشة أو ضرب ووصلت للقتل أكثر من مرة- عم بتزيد يوم عن يوم وبشكل ملحوظ.
    بالاضافة انه فيه ناس لحد الان فاهمة الجامعة غلط, مش مؤسسة تعليمية ابدا, لكن مكان للطشات وملاحقة بنات وتلطيش كلام. لهيك التشديد ضرورة!

    1. نعم للأسف كلامك صحيح. مسألة العنف الجامعي زادت عن حدها والدوله عنا مش قاعده بتحاول تلاقي حل للمشكله. اما بالنسبة لموضوع ملاحقة البنات والتلطيش فهي مشكلة مش سهل حلها ويلام عليها مجتمعنا

  4. My college recently put in these turnstile things, similar to what they have in the subway, although ours open automatically after you swipe your school ID through the slot. I have no idea why they did this. I’m guessing it’s because a few times the security guard had to kick out a homeless person who walked in and went to sleep on one of the benches.

    1. I see. I didn’t imagine they would have such thing in the U.S. What if a student forgot his/her ID? It would be really a problem if he/she has an exam on that day 🙂 But I guess as you mentioned it could be for the safety of the students.

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