Life is now

Physically, we live in the present but our brain, many times, wanders in the past and maybe even some more times wanders in the future. Unfortunately, the more our brain lives in the past or the future the more we feel sad and unsatisfied.

Many times when we think of the past we think of a happy experience. We think of something good that happened to us and we know it will never repeat. It could be the memory of a lost loved person or the memory of being with our siblings playing in the backyard. Also, many times we let go our imagination of the future. Where will I be in ten years? What if I have this kind of money? Will I ever fall in love? Will I ever get married? Will I ever have my own baby? The sky is the limit when it comes to living our future.

Unfortunately, because we live in the past and the future more than we should we forget to enjoy our present. We lose control of our life because we are afraid of what might happen. Our past memories and future imaginations take control of our present life. If we want to do something in the moment that is supposedly risky, we think of how much hard work we have done to be here and the consequences of our new adventure. So, we stop and let our past and future drive our present.

Most self-help books claim that you can control your future by visualizing it, being optimistic and work hard for a better future. But there is something more important than the future it is the present. When we die, no one will remember us for what we hoped to achieve. Our family, relatives and friends will remember us for what we did not for what we wanted to do for them.

So, keep in mind that life in now! Live and value every present moment because this moment is going to be your happy memory in the future. Don’t afraid to take a risk. Go for what you want to do but afraid to do. Be happy not cautious.


4 thoughts on “Life is now

  1. Although every word you said is true, I know it, believe in it BUT can’t seem to be able to apply it.. It is easier said than done..Thinking of here and now has been always a struggle for me and the more I try the more I fail !.. so I decided to embrace the past and done trying !

  2. Hi Noura –
    I know it is easier said than done and I know there is this sweet nostalgia when embracing the past. But if you think about it and do something good today you will see yourself adapting to the new attitude. Unfortunately, there is this sense of indulgence when we live the past or the future but the more we indulge ourselves with these two the worse our present will be. Good luck and wish you all the best to be happy 🙂

    1. We all need to be reminded to enjoy the moment 🙂
      I think you are doing it right, enjoying the moment on the beach. I so much like your beach pictures.

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